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What’s new pussy cat…. wooooaaahuuuwhoaaahuuuwoooaahuuwhoawhoa….

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Teenager. ~ Catherine Beekmans | elephant journal (excellent article to at least get you thinking about what it will be like to have a teen)

Lace bathing suit

I laughed way too hard at this

A human heart destined for transplant lies cradled in a TransMedics Organ Care System. The device can keep a heart warm and beating—and viable for many hours longer than the conventional method for handling donor hearts: immersion in a saline solution and packing in ice. -National Geographic.

Too many to find... But I will find all of you and never let you go.

For real!! Can't believe he hasn't gotten any yet

  • Katie Young

    Just in case, my comment was good. I hope no one took it as a bad thing. :/

  • Samantha Chen

    @Katie, don't worry. I can only speak for me, but your comment was totally fine. :) I personally was addressing the comment directly above mine. This other person was attacking commenters in here. Once you start going out of your way to insult someone or have an opinion on a member and not a pin, that's when we will come together and defend. I agree with your first comment. I almost feel like the lack of credit to him has brought him more fame anyway haha

  • Katie Young

    It's ok. As long as someone knows what I meant I'm good. Thanks! :) @Samantha

  • Nora Bloom Browning

    Where is he as jack????

  • Samantha Chen

    haha I almost wrote, "At the bottom of the ocean" haha Too soon?!?! I think these are just crying pictures, and I'm not sure he cried in Titanic, did he? *shrugs*

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