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people exuding heat.

Debbie Harry. Polaroid by Andy Warhol, 1980.

Adele...because she's a true diva.

Chloe Sevigny. I love her because she has those eyes that speak volumes, and she doesn't need to utter one word...but when she does, it's perfection.

Sutan Amrull, aka Raja. I like him best as a boy.

Kate Winslet, especially on fire in Holy Smoke.

Miranda Richardson in Dance With A Stranger. Because being a stone cold bitch with a heart of gold is hot.

Al Pacino, in Serpico and all of those other great 70s films.

Angelina Jolie. Refugee awareness, endless rumors, and those

Richard Burton. "I rather like my reputation, actually, that of a spoiled genius from the Welsh gutter, a drunk, a womanizer; it's rather an attractive image."

Well...Here It Is...: I Made Pictures!

marianne faithfull. She's still hot...probably more so, now, so broken and battered...

Colin Firth. And I met him, way back in 1993, and he was very sweet.

  • Jessica Shimek

    I am jealous that you have met him! ;)

  • Nancy Stockdale

    I feel lucky! I started being his fan after his first film in the early 80s, when I was only about 12 or so...I met him when I was a student at Oxford and he was starring in a play they were previewing there before taking it to the West End. I have a a pic of him w/ me and my then-boyfriend. It's funny, because he has all of his stage makeup on and longish hair, so he looks quite feminine. He was very hot :) and down to Earth. I am glad he's gotten the recognition he deserves, because I've always loved him!

  • Nancy Stockdale

    That film (Another Country) was also the first film of Rupert Everett and Carey Elwes--it has a great cast!

  • Amy Russell

    Another of my favorites! So jealous!

  • Nancy Stockdale

    It was one of my luckiest moments, I think! :)