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Pink-necked green pigeon.  [Click for more interesting science facts and gifs]

A pair of albino squirrels in Waterlooville in Hampshire

Unusually perfect specimen of chrysanthemum rock. This close-up shows the 1 1/2 pound stone with a flower-like pattern that is is made of celestite and calcium deposits on black limestone. Mineral Friends

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo ~ Michael Snedic

Australian Birds | Michael Snedic

This is what chocolate looks like when it's first picked off the tree and cut open. Grenada, Belmont Estate, Cocoa Plantation

Chocolate, Grenadian Style

Adorable New Mammal Discovered By California Academy Of Sciences Staff: Macroscelides micus, discovered in a remote part of Namibia, is actually more closely related to the elephant than it is to a mouse. #Animals #Mammal #Macroscleides_micus

Eastwestfalian Fire Clipper Butterfly

Silene polypetala by Brad Wilson: This flowering plant in the pink family, also known as the eastern fringed catchfly and fringed campion is a federally listed endangered species of the United States. #Flowers #Endangered_Species #Fringed_Campion

A Katydid. Commonly green, its pinkish-purple colour is the result of a genetic mutation known as erythrism, similar to the recessive gene that afflicts albino animals.

Photographs for the Soul

Lucas, a blonde or leucistic raccoon, is a permanent resident education ambassador at the Kentucky Wildlife Center.

The City Birder: 03/01/2010 - 04/01/2010 A Leucistic American Robin

The City Birder: 03/01/2010 - 04/01/2010

Leucistic Purple Finch

A surprising Purple Finch

Leucistic Buffalo

White Buffalo - Desktop Nexus Wallpapers

Leucistic Zebra Moray Eel! This eel is one of ours at Sun Pet and is extremely rare!!!

albino robin

According to the Daily Mail U.K., a maritime engineer spotted a white humpback whale swimming amongst a pod of regular-hued humpbacks in the waters off Norway. This one is Migaloo and he is not albino, but leucistic, as are the other white humpbacks recently spotted. In fact, one of them is believed to be the offspring of Migaloo.

Incredibly Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted Off Coast of Norway

White lions are leucistic. Their eye color ranges from the normal hazel or golden color to blue-gray or green-gray. Paw pads and lips are pigmented. The paler the lion the less pigment it possesses. As a result “white” lions range from blonde to near white. The males have pale manes and tail tufts.

Leucistic dolphin. I won't call this one albino since its cream coloring suggests it is producing some melanin (pheomelanin?), and likely not producing the eumelanin needed for the darker coloring of its species. That said this specimen may be an Albinoid--still not the same as albino. Without a DNA sample we'll likely never know for sure.

Leucistic Snapping Turtle

Leucistic song sparrow