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Poppy sleeve tattoo

Stride... Hungarian Vizsla

A Look At iPod Accessories. This is perfect for Jon! @Sarah Mattson @Jasmina Bajric

And to think this chick is allowed to breed...

This is perfect for Piper. You know all gingers are superheroes after all!!! @Sarah Mattson @Jasmina Bajric

If only i could...

And I shall call you... Perry! @Sarah Mattson

Ive never seen pants used as a shirt as well before...

mmmm Dog ear much tastier than pig ears!

Did you get the license plate off that?!?

I may look crosseyed but dont mess with my yard!

Half wolf Half husky. I would love to be able to sleep this well!

AH YEA! She is SO HAWT! I can see girls playing with these in the future!

Who said petting zoos arnt informational for kids?!

If only she was a GINGER!!!

How the truth hurts...

Leads me to wonder. Are we men born butt or boob men? @Jasmina Bajric @Sarah Mattson @Megan Banner

Me as a kid!

Oh yea! You got nothing on me horse.

Japanese Maple. No words needed