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Listen guys, women really aren't all that hard to figure out. Either you are worth shaving for or you're not. (eCard Creations ~JB pop-Eggs)

Yup and you will let him cheat on you over and over,don't mind that he makes a fool out of you to everyone in this town, drives your car all over town with no DL, lives in your mom's house (with 10000 other people), and he can Talk to you like a dog all day every day, TrUe LoVe :)))

Your apparent hatred towards me makes me smile from the inside out. If you weren't so busy getting worked-up by my mere presence, you might notice my laughter!


Love & marriage quotes Augusten Burroughs

There is a special place in hell for this one

The hardest part of my job - Funny Picture

How the Starbucks logo will be in the future

Funny Ecards - 47 Pics. This is for my sister lol