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Ana with her hair down! I wish they had shown both girls with their hair down at some point (other than Ana's awesome morning hair. XD)

Anna with long hair by LaetiArt on deviantART

Elsa is my favorite!!!! I love her braid, I love her outfit and her personality is awesome to!!!

Elsa Frozen silhouette painting by jupitermoose on Etsy, $25.00

Snowflakes. How it looks as you cut vs folded back out end product. Awesome!

Snow Clay id cold to the touch and OH SO SPARKLY. This clay is such a fun way for kids to play & create this Winter

Snow Clay Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Christmas+Crafts+How+to+Make+A+Snow+Globe.jpg 565×1,600 pixels

Olaf finger puppet

Olaf Finger Puppet Pattern - The Idea Room

No-Sew ELSA CAPE (from Frozen)....a Do-It-Together Project for girls of all ages! --- Make It and Love It

$1 epsom salt mixed with water makes beautiful ice crystal - like painting!

Homemade Frozen Ice Paints inspired by the movie; these paints have the most glorious fluffy and icy texture

Frozen Paint Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

How To Draw Olaf The Snowman, FROZEN, Disney Drawing

Shivery snow paint- kids can create puffy snowmen and other works of art that are COLD to the touch!

Shivery Snow Paint Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Textile Arts badge (fabric dyeing) A Freezer-Paper-Snowflake-Stencil-T-Shirt

The Brooding Hen: A Freezer-Paper-Snowflake-Stencil-T-Shirt

Melting Olaf, Frozen movie art project modelling clay, art canvas, birthday, craft, diy, paint

See the rest of the Frozen snowflakes on Oh My Disney:

These Frozen-Inspired Snowflakes Will Amaze You | Oh My Disney

Minecraft Creeper Night Light for 9 year olds room

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from} #olaf #frozenpartyideas

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial -

Monstropolis is the metropolitan city in which the monsters live. It resembles a real human city as it has a large working class, it runs on power (child screams), and their is a main company (Monsters, Inc.) which the city revolves around. Monsters, Inc. is also probably the main employer.

Monsters, Inc. Mike Sulley to the Rescue!: A human child is loose in Monstropolis for the first time in history you're along for the ride! The Taxi Ride into Monstropolis Climb into a taxi cab as the onboard TV screen announces the city-wide calamity. The Child Detection Agency has spread its tentacles far wide to find the toxic tot keep her from infecting the entire city with her humanity. On the TV, multi-eyed-witnesses tell reporters the horrors of the child thing running amok!