Millenium Falcon Cake - Chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream covered with fondant and gumpaste pieces.

Doctor Who Tardis silicone moulds

nerdache cakes - does it get any nerdier? I LOVE this!

Zombie Cookies! @Crystal Chou Chou Bennington

Planning a wedding? Slightly geeky? Definitely need to have 1 of these 30 geeky wedding cakes :)

Delorean Cake- Jason's next birthday cake...

I saw the Red-Shirt version on Cake Wrecks "Sunday Sweets" and fell in love. I'm going to have to learn how to play with fondant so that I can make this, because this is probably one of the best, romantic, geeky cakes of all time (of all time...damn you Kanye).

Harry Potter - Top 10 Geeky Wedding Cakes

Our geeky cake that I designed. It turned out so wonderful thanks to Martine's Bakery!

I may be obligated to make something like this for my roommate. (Dr. Who cake!)

Dr. Who Constellation cake. Credit: notengomiedo

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