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Pair of Woman's Indoor Slip-on Shoes Probably France, circa 1785-1790. Metal thread and sequin embroidery on silk damask.

File:Jacket and shawl in chintz, skirt in glazed printed cotton, 1770-1800. MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp, Photo by Hugo Maertens, Bruges..jpg

Robe à l’Anglaise, 1780s Les Arts Décoratifs

Caraco jacket in printed cotton, England, 1770-1790, skirt in quilted silk satin, 1750-1790. Jacoba de Jonge Collection in MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp

Gown, robe à l'Anglaise of chintz, red distance with large multicolored flowers, body vest with buildings, being tucked skirt, pleated sleeves with elbow, square neckline

1780-1789 I'Anglaise Dress Linen lining and open robe. From the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA

1785-1795 Gown. From the collection at the American Textile History Museum, Lowell MA

Robe à l'Anglaise, 1780-1785, Rotterdam. Red Floral cotton chintz, with vines, large flowers in white, light red, blue, yellow, purple and green. Front and rear views. Museum Rotterdam. collectie.museumr...

Gold silk satin coat, waistcoat, and breeches, c. 1780-85. Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove.

Woman's Dress, France or England, textile circa 1770; dress circa 1785-1790.

Silk open-skirt dress with matching peticot. The dress has a robe and matching underskirt. It is a pale mauve-pink silk of English manufactrure woven with a very small spot and with small flral sprays in various colours. The bodice's front edges meet and its centre back is lightly boned. The skirt front edges are bound with white silk ribbon. The tapes and loops make a 'polonaise' style skirt. Date 1778 AD - 1785 AD

Dress, France, circa 1780-1785. Embroidered pekin, silk. Inv. 29796 Musees des Tissus et des Arts Decoratifs de Lyon

Pet en lair (c. 1760; altered c. 1780). LACMA - M.2007.211.3

German maid, evidence of patterned jacket worn with solid skirt

Caraco et jupe, Vers 1780 – 1785. Taffetas de soie matelassé. Collections Galliera.