Preserve your collection of autumn leaves by dipping them in bees wax, the colour remains i and your house is filled with a lovely smell

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 - Page 102

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 - Page 101

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 - Page 99

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 - Page 99

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 - Page 98-99

{Beeswax Modeling Clay} A little package of modeling beeswax has brought a whole new angle to our creative time. Beeswax allows my little ones a little more permanence than with play dough, doesn’t crack and crumble, and when my preschooler tires of his work, all he has to do is ball it all back up and he can start again!

wax coated canvas - beeswax

Creative Soul Spectrum: Beeswax Candle

Hot Wax Art Stylus 5 Tips Encaustic Paint in Bees Wax. $30,75, via Etsy.

This team seeks to exist to unite encaustic artists on Etsy and to begin collaborative projects (such as tutorials, skill-shares, and group shows) to bring awareness about the uses of beeswax in art. We are also avidly supporting beekeepers and organizations who exist to preserve the future of bees.  Check them out; www.thebeeswaxtea... Join the BeeTeams Facebook Group;

The Bee's Knees Encaustic Paint - Blue-Violet Encaustic Paint Hives

recette medium encaustique Cubes d'encaustiques KAMA

Found this video on youtube one day: Time-lapse video showing the construction of a box in Stephen’s encaustic/assemblage series, “Excuses.” He’s even playing one of my favorite musicians, Ben Kweller in the video.

Thea Schrack - photography and encaustic

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