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format Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: January Genealogy Challenge: Write an Ancestor Tribute

“There is so much more in the Book of Mormon than we have yet discovered… further qualifying it as ‘a marvelous work and a wonder’ (Isaiah 29:14). Yet we… sometimes behave like hurried tourists, scarcely venturing beyond the entry hall. … May we go inside, far enough to hear clearly the whispered truths… which will awaken in us a life of discipleship as never before.” –Neal A. Maxwell

Christian Inspirations & Encouragement for Women

Don't Stress, Trust God's Timing - Inspirations, and take life one day at a time, one task at a time.

Family Heritage Starts and Ends with Planning a Family Reunion

Inspirational idea for keeping summary pages about ancestors. ~ Cool!

Preserving Family History is so much more than a bunch of iPhone shots backed up to a "cloud" somewhere.. Your family history is the stories and images capturing the memories you create with those you love for all time. The next generation deserves a record of your life. Don't let it slip away.

70th Birthday Gift for Grandmother - A great-grandmother of three, this mother's colourful life story and history thus far is shared on the cover page alongside a photo of her as a younger woman ♥ #Birthday #70th #Gift #Favor

Story Basics - resources for capturing your family's stories from a recent Saturday Evening Post article. Saving Memories Forever gets a nice mention!

Thoughts, ideas and memories gathered together... Such a lovely idea! ;)

May the love of your family makes you strong. #Family

I Love my cousins, I cannot imagine life without them especially now that we can only talk about pulling the feather bed out of the closet in the blue room to sleep in front of the fireplace!

Book transformation - family history journal (give each family member a journal with his or her picture).

...petite assemblages by Cheryl Kuhn of "small stories studio"...Ancestry OR make up your own story? Love this as a mini sculpture assignment

"Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell." -Louisa May Alcott ~ Teach Me Genealogy

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote about Ancestors ~ Teach Me Genealogy

"Our Dead Are Never Dead To Us..." ~ Teach Me Genealogy

“If We Know Where We Came From, We May Better Know Where To Go..." ~ Teach Me Genealogy

A podcast with Linda Burton and Jean Stevens on the value of family traditions.