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How to get rid of paint spills, splatters, and mistakes even after they've dried!

So remembering this for whenever I have to caulk anything again: using an ice cube: The caulk will not stick to the ice, and the ice will melt to the shape of the joint to become the perfect shaped tool. Thanks Apartment Therapy!

How to hem pants - Step-by-step instructions for clothing alterations.

How to make a sewing pattern out of existing clothing (without ruining your garment!)

DIY How to make a bow for a gift these are sooo cute!

Origami dollar heart...really easy! Tooth fairy is TOTALLY doing this next time!

How to make the best shorts from jeans! Pin now; read later.

31 Days to Learning Photoshop Basics for Bloggers

everything you wanted to know about photoshop brushes

Retouching in Photoshop: Sharper Eyes, Smoother Skin, Better Color

How to reduce oily skin in photoshop - a VERY basic tutorial, but worth hanging on to for future reference.

Step-by-step DIY hemp bracelets and necklaces. Because no matter how many times I do it, when summer rolls around I always forget.