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Garden Design

Garden Design

I am passionate about garden design and outdoor living. I love discovering products and concepts that combine nature and design.

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Essential Herbs - Dive into the exotic edibles with lemongrass, using it to season soups, teas and more

Essential Herbs - Rosemary grows well in containers and can easily be brought inside

Essential Herbs - Grown in a pot by the kitchen, fresh mint refreshes everything from dressings, salads and sides to drinks and desserts with a sprig or two

Essential Herbs - Oregano is another one of those herbs that really don’t put up a fuss

Essential herbs - Dill is one of the few herbs on this list that does best when grown from seed.

Essential Herbs - Lavender tops many gardeners’ lists for ornamental value alone; resilience, drought tolerance and the fact that it’s a bee magnent only further illustrate why this sun-loving Mediterranean native is a great herb garden addition

Essential Herbs - One of the most commonly called-for herbs, thyme is also one of the easiest to grow.

Essential herbs - Sage requires little water once established and will produce all season long in full sun (partial shade in intense heat).

Essential Herbs - Basil’s bright, showy leaves and intensely sweet aroma epitomize summer gardens and dishes.

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