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A new way to make watering raised garden beds efficient and easy

Worms can eat up to 75% of their own body weight every day, turning waste into rich and fertile compost.

Learn how to build an attractive potting bench with shelves and a recess to collect clippings and debris.

Lasagna Garden: Created by layering several different materials, one right after the other, with no need for mixing or tilling. The materials go through natural decomposition that does the work of mixing for you. Another name for this method of gardening is "sheet composting".

back garden ideas...ferns and hostas...the easiest plants in the world!

Beginner Perrenial Garden for Full Sun (with flowers to bloom from spring to fall)

A romantic cottage look: fragrant catmint (Nepeta sp), perennial sage (Salvia sp). and lilac alliums. This is a great drought-tolerant summer trio for full sun.

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