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Garden: Seed to Fork

Food gardening information that teaches growing, harvesting & preparing homegrown food crops.

Step-by-step guide on how to maximize your broccoli crop by eating parts you might not know are edible. Plus, a delicious smoothie recipe & links to more recipes & more broccoli growing guidelines for soil & IPM pest ID & management via Garden Mentors

How to Harvest & Eat Your Broccoli Leaves Recipe - Garden Mentors

Tips & raspberry s'more recipe from Garden Mentors® in this article on #growyourown #food #gardening for Fiskars®

Berries Galore! / Canning & Freezing | Fiskars

Garlic scapes & asparagus seasons overlap in late spring. Savor this delicious, simple garlic scapes recipe that uses both crops fresh from your garden via Garden Mentors®

Learn about our new printable recipes links & featured recipe navigation on the Garden Mentors Garden Help blog. Helping you grow & cook a healthy harvest!

Featured & Printable Recipes - Garden Mentors

Hazelnut trees are a great native plant addition to your garden. Learn more via Garden Mentors®

Hazel? Are you Nuts? - Garden Mentors

This beautiful leaf is an evergreen, perennial kale that's as delicious to eat as it is lovely to grow. Via Garden Mentors®

Want a beautiful drought tolerant edible garden that requires little work, feeds bees & other pollinators as well as songbirds? Consider certain succulents!

Spacemaster: one of our favorite cucumbers to grow in our food garden -- in containers or in the ground. It's delicious & prolific!

My New Favorite Container Cucumber - Spacemaster - Garden Mentors

Growing cabbage can be challenging for small space gardeners. Here's a variety for little gardens & a timeline for how to grow them successfully at home via Garden Mentors®

Growing passionfruit (lilikoi) in your home garden via Garden Mentors®

How to grow sweet potatoes in a bucket - "If grown correctly, you can hope for a yield of about 25 pounds for each 20 gallon bucket sweet potato garden."

Easy Orange Marmalade recipe via & @theresaloe

Learn How to Harvest Carrots All Year Long - Sanctuary Soil and Feed written & photographed by Garden Mentors®

Step-by-step, year-to-year asparagus growing garden guide. via Garden Mentors®

Young sunchokes growing in the spring garden in a contained system near clematis. By end of summer, this plant will be taller than nearby trees. By fall, the edible tubers will be ripe for the picking. Via Garden Mentors article for Fiskars. Recipe too!

Beautiful, edible Amaranthus from garden to fork in this Fiskars article via us, Garden Mentors

Gleaning last bits from your food garden is a great way to begin the oft daunting task of fall garden clean up. There's no better reward than an edible one!

It is easy to grow garlic to feed your family year after year! Here's how to select varieties, when to plant, how to cultivate, harvest & store your crop.

Rhubarb. Growing & cooking. (Via Fiskars for whom I write)

from Garden Mentors inc via blog: how to grow tomatoes successfully even in record cold summers. Timeline & more!

Eat your flowers! Arugula flowers are popping up at the Farmer's Markets now and give dishes a nice peppery zing.

Seasonal Spotlight: Arugula Blossoms

Dee Nash for Fiskars shares mini-pumpkins on a fence. So cute!

herbal honey as a medicine. add garlic and sage directly to the honey, and let sit for 2 weeks. a wonderful, healing medicine that soothed throats and calmed coughs for kids - and it wasn't a hassle to have them take it!