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Gift possibilities...

From board games to matching pajamas, we have some great gift ideas for families! Read on to find the perfect gift for every family on your list.

Carol pinned this fun little gift basket idea, along with her messages that could be attached for customers, neighbors, volunteers: "Mint Bag Thanks for your commit mint to help, encourage mint, your involve mint, invest mint of time, making each day an enjoy mint, helping to create a nice environmint"

Kiwi Crate - This is SOOO cool!! They will deliver a box to your child each month that’s designed around a certain theme (think Dinosaurs, Garden, Superheroes, Space.) In each box are 2-3 carefully designed and kid-tested projects, which cover a range of developmental areas and subjects, including art, science, and imaginative play. All the materials and inspiration to encourage creativity and curiosity are included – you just supply the kids!

The BEST list for geeky gift ideas. Seriously, if you have even an ounce of geek in you, you need to check this out.

HA! Geriatric 40th Birthday Cake over the hill remedy cake. Someone is SO getting this at some point...just not sure who yet...