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In The Hands Of A Child :: Basic Survival Skills Note Book

In The Hands Of A Child :: Basic Survival Skills

Food storage without electricity. My top ten choices for foods that can be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time that you can use to make a meal.

Food Storage Without Electricity - Top 10 Foods to Stockpile

Sleep Better In College - Magic Peel N Stick Blackout Blind - 24" x 32" Great Dorm Accessory

Magic Peel N Stick Blackout Blind - 24

For camping or an emergency "Johnny on the Spot" when ya just gotta go .... use a plastic bucket and place a pool noodle on top for comfort.

Making Homemade Yeast For Bread Baking | Homesteading | Baking

Making Homemade Yeast For Bread Baking | The Homestead Survival

Jumpstart your car in 5-10 minutes without opening the hood.

heat your home in an emergency

he pedal powered generator from Windstream is perfect for emergencies, power failures, remote locations, and off-grid applications. It can be pedaled or cranked by hand to charge 12 volt batteries and run small appliances. The typical average continuous power that can be generated by pedaling the Human Power Generator is up to about 80 watts. The maximum power obtainable through hand cranking typically is about 50 watts. The pedals and optional hand-cranks are interchangeable.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator | For unexpected power outages or missions that take you off the grid, this portable, solar powered generator provides power to recharge laptops, phones, cameras, and lights, plus thousands of other electronics, with outlets for 12V, AC, and USB. The generator gets a full charge in 4 hours from a wall outlet or car charger & in 5-6 from the sun.

Boiling Times For Safe Drinking Water

SHTF Medical Skill of the Day: How to make Soap without Lye

How to properly store gasoline to use during an emergency and how much you need. Great blog for food storage and emergency preparedness!

Preparing a steam pit - survival cooking method.

Pump Water From Flowing Streams,Creeks, Or Rivers Without Electricity Or Fuel

Heat A Room Using Tea Light And A Flower Pot For 0.12$ A Day

How to Heat Your Home Without Electricity - SHTF Preparedness