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Sites to See

Riding in Southern Indiana is more than just good roads. There are some beautiful sites and lots of things to see and do. Just let us know what types of things you like and we'll route you across the southern part of the state to some great destinations.

Carvings at the Lincoln Byhood Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana.

The Lincoln Boyhood Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana.

Patoka Lake in South-Central Indiana offers scenic rides and great fishing!

The Heltonville Train Tunnel in Lawrence County Indiana. Some say you can hear the screams of a train company employee that took revenge on the death of his wife in this tunnel.

The Devil's Backbone natural land formation in Lawrence County Indiana.

The covered bridge over the White River outside of Williams, Indiana was once a vehicle bridge but is now limited to foot traffic. It is also said to be haunted. You can here either the screaming of people falling or the splashing of horses in the water below the bridge.

  • Pam Holloway

    I visited this bridge recently and now it's closed to even foot traffic. It is haunted however. I witnessed that first hand.

Williams Dam is a unique overflow dam that once generated electricity for the surrounding communities.

The Southern Indiana Wine Trail - do a little tasting and buy a bottle to enjoy in your room!

Indiana Wine Trail

The Southern Indiana Wine Trail - do a little tasting and buy a bottle to enjoy in your room!

The Southern Indiana Wine Trail - do a little tasting and buy a bottle to enjoy in your room!

Indiana Wine Trail

Marengo Caves is a U.S. National Landmark. Explore the caves on a short walking tour and enjoy the constant temperature. A great way to cool off after a ride in the summer heat.

Summary - Marengo Cave

You've been on cave tours before, but not like this! Explore under ground on a guided river cruise.

The Covered Bridge Capital of the World! Explore 31 different covered bridges or show up for the yearly celebration of the Covered Bridge Festival.

The archabby at St. Meinrad in Southern Indiana. Training for Catholic priests and home to the Abby Press.

Harley Davidson Bloomington is our local H-D Store. They are a true family business with a friendly staff, large selection and great service. We do ALL of our Harley shopping here.

Motorcycles parked at the restaurant at Story, a town that time has bypassed. No cable, no cell signal, locked in the country.

The shops, restaurants and boutiques of nashville Indiana.

Old Leavenworth, Indiana on the Ohio River.

The Horshoe Bend on the Ohio River over 300 feet below Leavenworth Indiana.

Indiana Travel pix

The Overlook Restaurant at Leavenworth Indiana.

Madison, Indiana an early 20th century river town along the Ohio River. Madison was the original wine country in early U.S. history.

The French Lick Resort and Casino in French Lick, Indiana. Gaming and dining in a 1920's building once frequented by Al Capone.

The dome of the West Baden Resort near French Lick, Indiana. Once the largest unsupported dome in the world until the construction of the Astrodome.