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Mary Brandner

Mary Brandner

1881, Claude Monet, The flood at Vetheuil, private collection, 60 x 73,5 cm

Butterflies - M.C. Escher: Op Art, black and white contrast lesson. could also use other examples of his work for perspective lessons

Good night Sleep Tight I wish you Lovely Dreams with all My Night i wish, just for once, we sit and talk .talk about doesn't matter...even your silence will drum out a soothing beat that my eye-balls would love to dance to...

Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn't answer... I just closed my eyes and walked away... and whispered... so much ♥

claude monet. "the jetty of le havre in bad weather." 1867

detail of a Monet

choice + determination.

Paul Cézanne Roses in a Bottle 1900/1904

“The Biggest Loser" salad that almost no one can get enough of. 1 head fresh lettuce, 1 bunch fresh basil, 2 fresh in-season tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1/4 red onion (for dressing)-1/3 cup olive oil, 4 tbsp lemon juice,1 tsp honey (for dressing) salt and pepper, to taste

The River Epte - Claude Monet

This is a Venezuelan Poodle Moth, these weren’t even discovered until 2009.