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  • Ashley Day

    Oh no I wasn't saying you were giving me parental education or being rude I was agreeing with you. Some kids need a public school setting and some don't I just remember being a turf in those years and saying teachers have great parents. I hope I didn't offend you. I promise that was no where near my intention.

  • Tai Tipton

    Oh man, I wish texts didn't get misconstrued. :)) I think we all learned a lot from this discussion, everything and everyone is our teacher...everyday, never to old to learn. Out of sheer ignorance is typically how any of us learn anything anyhow. At first I was just wishing I wouldn't had said anything on this thread but what a blessing. Our kids are our future, and I think its beautiful how passionate everyone is with their thought and love for their child's education. Thanks for clearing that up too Ashley! Have an awesome day...

  • Shantel Patchett

    I have just started homeschooling my 6 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old and my 14 year old follows along. My own mom is a music teacher in a public school. I feel that my children were given to me to raise and nurture not some stranger who teaches school subjects by the books. IF I dont teach my children what they need to know than their actions will be placed on my head. It is my responsibility to teach them not to drop them off at "daycare" school for 8 hours of the day. I love teaching my kids and spending the quality time learning each one of their needs. Go Homeschool parents!!

  • Katie Sullivan Thibeault

    Public school is not built for every child. My six year old son is what is known as "twice exceptional" This means that he is both gifted and learning disabled. In fact he is on the autism spectrum and has much difficulty in a "classroom" setting. He gets nervous with the noise and just the size of the room and cannot concentrate on his work. He is brilliant though, but his giftedness is clouded by his disability. In a school setting he would most likely be overlooked by the over burdened teachers with more than 20 students to a class. I would rather homeschool him and give him the ability to explore his interests and learn than to fight with a school district about his IEP. So, I do believe that in many cases, the brick and mortar building cannot meet the expectations of every child. It is upon the parents of every child to decide with path of education is necessary for their own. And I say shame on anyone for judging another person. You may not fully understand someone's circumstance

  • Katie Sullivan Thibeault

    *which path, not with

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