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Creative Bookstore Windows

This board is a place for independent bookstores to share decorating ideas for bookstore windows. Created by Gary Robson of Red Lodge Books & Tea, it is part of a project by the American Booksellers Association to help indie stores work together and share ideas. If you'd like to share your favorite bookstore windows, please follow this board, and then contact Gary and he'll add you as a group member.

Current Events: Women & Children First, Chicago, Ill., created a window display in response to the events in Ferguson, Mo., following the death of Michael Brown on August 9. The paintings were created by bookseller Jill Kuanfung. via Shelf Awareness

Valentine's Day window display at Annie Bloom's Books in Portland. The chains of hearts are made from book pages. I made the big heart by covering a board in black felt and propping it up at the steepest angle I could without having books fall off. I used tape to outline the heart shape and filled it in with red books, using clear thumb tacks to hold books in place and at the right angle, then removed the tape.

  • Bookwormz

    I like this one, I'll try and remember it for next year!

April Showers display at Annie Bloom's Books. The books featured all have activities and ideas for what to do indoors when it is raining. Raindrop chains are made from book pages.

Banned Books display at Annie Bloom's Books in Portland, OR. Most of the window was blacked out with trash bags, leaving a peephole to look through. The smaller signs read "We advise children and sensitive individuals to take caution, lest they be exposed to ideas that other people find questionable."

"Food for Thought" window display at Annie Bloom's Books in Portland, OR. Titles are all to do with meals, eating, or food.

April Showers bring May Flowers window display at Annie Bloom's Books in Portland, OR.

Secret Garden Books, Ballard. Creative window! via Jaime Temairik: CocoaStomp: November 2010