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Effective Bookstore Displays

This board is a place for independent bookstores to share merchandizing ideas: tables, signage, shelving, and more. Created by Gary Robson of Red Lodge Books & Tea, it is part of a project by the American Booksellers Association to help indie stores work together and share ideas. If you'd like to share your favorite book displays, please follow this board, and then contact Gary and he'll add you as a group member.

Map your way through the U.S. with Mystery titles for each state

"RIP" : display fiction where character dies

"Dad Men" / Father's Day display via Half Price Books, Corpus Christi TX

Pack a little romance into your summer!

Another version of Blind Date with a book from a library: “My local library branch started doing this “Blind Date with a Book” thing, thought you guys might like it. The shelf was full when we got there, but was like this as we were leaving. The books are wrapped in paper and have different designs on them, and then a few words vaguely describing the subject matter of the book. Things like “Drama”, “Plot Twists”, “espionage”, etc.

Our Blind Date with a Book display went up in mid-January and was just so much fun!

Who doesn't want to take their photo with a cardboard Stephen Colbert?

A memorial display for Maya Angelou; she will be greatly missed.

"Print will never die" signage board @ Sherman's, Portland ME

A great way to work with an outside organization for a display, via Wellesley Books: "Celebrating Youth Art Month with a local school art installation in the store. Inspired by an author visit with Nigerian author Ifeoma Onyefulu kindergartners from The Tenacre Country Day School made these panels with their art teacher to imitate Adire cloth designs."

"Libraries help us grow. Borrow The Beauty - Keep The Knowledge: Library." But could tailor to "Books help us grow" for bookstore displays-

"Leaf Through a Good Book" -- library / bookstore display, great for Fall

Gift suggestion bookmarks via Strand bookstore

Galactic Showdown: Star Wars vs Star Trek (PSB 2014)

READ. Covering boxes in colorful paper is a fun way to play with height in book displays.

Easter goodies for your some bunny special!

Book: THE summer accessory

  • Bookwormz

    Very appropriate for me, maybe I could have cat drawing lessons

"Dive into a Good Book." Awesome summer display idea. Taken from Rachel Moani's blog.

Summer 2012 travel display from Trohv Home & Gift (Baltimore), could definitely be tailored to bookstore display-

Steampunk Book Display | GPL TEENS

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    I definitely need this one, I wonder where the backdrop came from

Great idea for Valentine's, or to highlight baking cookbooks: "This display was attractive to more than one sense! Not only was it visually attractive, a few chocolate scented air fresheners were used to project a delightful smell and reel in the customers."