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9 Infographics that Make Social Media Marketing Not Suck

You can't post the same stuff on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. People use them for different reasons, and your content needs to reflect that. Use these infographics as cheat-sheets to easily know what to produce for each platform.

More Likes. More Followers. More Targeting. More Logos! Facebook is non-negotiable. Everybody needs to be there!

  • Thomas Bigum

    I miss a tip about using detail rich imagery to increase Other Clicks... key to getting organic reach (as long as Facebook still lets us get it )

Getting #Meta with Pinterest. DIY, Aspirational and... INFOGRAPHICS!

  • June Thomas

    In terms of Pin Worthy content... I'd also say interior design is big and early education resources/activities are huge. I primarily use pinterest for recipes.

  • Clothes Bar

    I pinned a rain booty on our store board and a stylist from the Today Show contacted me, we had it on their show and received 60 orders for the booty for a 10 second free spot! There is your ROI!

Vine is MUST if you're talking to teens. Get wacky and get seen.

Of course I'm throwing Snapchat in here! Get scrappy and try out using a snap to push to another social platform. You may just be surprised.

Google+ is here to make your pictures look great and your nerd friends happy.

It's not all about how to get more followers! Get in there and have a conversation (and post an image or two while you're at it).