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Care & Feeding egg-laying chickens

Make a paper hen out of a cereal box, website has instructions These are adorable... no idea what in the world I'd do with one but so freaking cute!!

Chicken coop step by step - lots of details!

Now you know what to do with the playhouse after the kiddos get to big for it!! GET CHICKENS! :D

great how-to chicken tractor. Or maybe its not a tractor. It has a screen floor but chickens can peck the grasses that come through the screen. I love the idea, and the color.

tiny chicken coop - That is tiny! Maybe for my suburban farm?

got to keep your girls safe!

all about range poultry housing, including Salatin's designs

PVC feeder to go with the anti mess PVC waterer. Great idea, cheap materials. Win, Win!