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Medieval Crafts - Lucet

Lucet square cord knitting, we were given a great demonstration by Nicole Jutras

Example of possible lucet braid from Gotland, Sweden. Photograph from K. Petterson's article in TOR.

lucets and lucetting

Viking Age Lucets [braiding tool]

How to make a cord the Viking way with a lucet (Swedish)

365 saker att slöjda » #623 Slynga!

The supply thread now forms the new loop. Pull straight to the right; figure 2b (with more knots). Flip and repeat. With practice you should...

Making Lucetted Cord.

Lucet Instructions from Wooded Hamlet Designs

Lucet or Tvinningsben ( text Sandy Sempel, Frojel Gotlandica) In 1968 Kerstin Pettersson wrote an article in TOR (vol XII) on a find of a W...

Lucet in Viking times

twenty pound tabby: Lucet Tutorial - Square Cord

twenty pound tabby: Lucet Tutorial - Square Cord

Lildog Blog: Lucet patterns

Lildog Blog: Lucet patterns

Bone lucets found in archeological dig.

Easy 3-loop braids « Loop Braiding Great tutorial. I haven't learnt lucet yet but i think this will work for lacing cord for the front of the kirtle.

Lucet no-twist method tutorial, via YouTube.