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Medieval Garb - GFD/Cotehardie

How to - make an amazingly easy kirtle - Empire

How to - make an amazingly easy kirtle - Empire - 14th Century Women's Clothing - Making a Kirtle using rectangular construction. Gorgeous result, minimal fabric waste, lots of pictures, and very thoroughly explained!

Kirtles - 3 Lacing

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes

Blog: cutting the cotehardie

Romantic History: Cutting the Cotehardie

I love the details around the overdress slits. And the fabric buttons on this cotehardie


Cotehardie sleeve fabric buttons "Textiles and clothing" c. 1150 - c. 1450 Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard and Kay Staniland The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 2001 ISBN 0 85115 840 4 First published HMSO 1992

Romance of Alexander, 14th c.

How to Pattern a Gothic Fitted Dress | By My Measure

How to Pattern a Gothic Fitted Dress | By My Measure

Spiraalinyöritysvinkkejä / Spiral lacing tips

Spiraalinyöritysvinkkejä / Spiral lacing tips

Spiral lacing from Neulakko

Spiraalinyöritysvinkkejä / Spiral lacing tips

Lancelot et la demoiselle à l’ermitage from a manuscript entitled "Lancelot du Lac" (Français 122, Fol. 143), mid-14th century Ce, France/Belgium...

The elusive feminine "cotehardie" - La cotte simple

Paulina from "Des claires et nobles femmes" early 15th century Ce. Francasi 598, Fol. 134v.

The elusive feminine "cotehardie" - La cotte simple

A knight and lady exchange rings, Manuscripts of Guillaume de Machaut, circa 1350 CE. From a paper by Tasha Kelly, 2003.

Wenceslas Bible, volume of Willehalm de Orange, 1387, Cod. A. N.

WM2 from St. Mary's in Warwick. Some kind of open surcote, over a button-front cotehardie?

very well-fitted and sewn cotehardie

Sideless (open) surcote

The Cotehardie & Houppelande Homepage: Patterns Page

Edge tape and eyelet detail

Lovely green wool cotehardie. Link has photos of various stages of construction

Diagram showing how to do Ladder Lacing ©2010, Elizabeth Elwell-Cook.

Medieval dress: very simple.

Kram Silviage: Odzież spodnia ♥