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Medieval Garb - Houppelande

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houppelande pattern

The 14th century houppelande

The World's Best Photos of houppelande - Flickr Hive Mind

Women's Garb - An Overview

Women's Garb - An Overview

Cecily Neville, Duchess of York....married to Richard of York, and mother of kings Edward IV and Richard III.


Maestro di Ulmer, Banchetto di Erode, 1405 c.,Ulmeru,Munster--- belli i cavalletti

Gaston Phoebus's Livre de la chasse; Paris, France, ca. 1406

BnF MS French 598, De claris mulieribus, by Giovanni Boccaccio, circa 1403, fol. 155v.

The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist

Jacopo della Quercia, Ilaria del Carretto, inizio XV secolo, Sacrestia, Duomo, Lucca

Grande Bible historiale complétée. Auteur : Maître du livre d’heures de Johannette Ravenelle. Enlumineur Date d'édition : 1395-1401 Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin

Grande Bible historiale complétée.

Houppelande tutorial for 1410.

1410 AD Houppelande

I know it is cliche of me, but I really really love the headpieces. Also, those houpelandes are fantastic, and the middle one intrigues me. It looks more like a cape instead of the traditionally long sleeves like on the blue dress.

Drafting a Houppelande pattern

Drafting a Houppelande Pattern

Plaque with a Pair of Lovers Date: 14th century Culture: North Italian Medium: Ivory traces of polychromy Accession Number: 17.190.260

MINIATURIST, English Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde c. 1400 Manuscript (Ms. 61) Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Queen, House of Arpad (in Celje feathers). Perhaps Anne, Duchess of Luxembourg (1432 Vienna -1462 Saxony-Anhalt), Ladislaus's oldest sister? On 2 June 1446, 14-year old Anne was married to William "the Brave" of Saxony (1425–82), Landgrave of Thuringia, a younger son of Frederick I "the Warlike" of Saxony. They had 2 daughters: Margaret of Thuringia (1449 – 13 July 1501) and Katharina of Thuringia (1453 – 10 July 1534)

KHM Bilddatenbank — KHM Bilddatenbank

beginning of the 15th century France Paris,... | Illumanu

Tres Riches Heures may - Front

Pendant Not-Quite Houppelande Sleeve | By My Measure

Detail from Monumental Brass, 1415 Joan Peryent Collar of underdress follows line of collar of overdress. Note full bishop sleeves of underdress.

Jan van Eyck, Isabella Borluut from the Ghent Altarpiece, 1432

Style "Northern Renaissance" -

Woman's and man's houppelandes

This woman wears a houppelande of dark blue figured fabric with a narrow belt. Her hair is shaved back from her forehead, and she wears a blunt pointed cap (now over-restored), France or Flanders, c. 1410

Full Size Picture Franko-flämischer Meister 002.jpg

Van Der Weyden, (Detail) Decent from the Cross. 1435, Museo de Prado, Spain.

Houppelande with dagged sleeves - from a French glossary under Franges (dagging in English)

Bibliothèque numérique du Roman de la Rose - Aide - Glossaire

15th century fashion--Christine de Pisan presents her book to Queen Isabeau, who wears a figured houppelande lined in ermine with a broad collar and a heart-shaped headdress. Her books stress that women should dress appropriately to their station in life, as her own less sumptuous headdress here reflects.

Full Size Picture Christine de Pisan and Queen Isabeau detail.jpg