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København har fået et nyt multikulturelt fitnesscenter – byens rum. »Sport i byrummet er noget, der har taget rigtig meget fart inden for de seneste år. Det fylder mere i gadebilledet og i byplanlægningen. For nogle år siden handlede det om, at der skulle være caffe latte til alle. Nu skal der motioneres i byrummet,« siger Lasse Anderson, der er leder af center for Urban Design på Aalborg Universitet.

Byen som et fitnesscenter

Study: São Paulo commuters lose one month per year sitting in traffic. São Paulo's Rua da Consolação is often congested for hours each day, leading residents and city leaders to wonder if other transport modes

Christie Walk Eco village in central Adelaide

Você sabe o que são fractais urbanos?

SFpark program, decrease in fines, increase in availability. An evaluation of the pilot program shows that the average hourly rate at meters actually decreased from $2.69 to $2.58, while the amount of time that blocks were too full to find parking decreased by 16% in areas with SFpark even as it went up by 51% in comparable areas without the program.

SFpark Program Has Decreased Fines, Increased Availability

Spøgelsesbyen Doel, der blev et paradis for graffitikunstnere

Spøgelsesbyen, der blev et paradis for graffitikunstnere

giant svartbag seagulls at papirøen, copenhagen

Megamågerne er landet

Wisconsin long board cop


What is the rhythm of your city's ‪urban life‬? And how does that affect the animals that have come to share the habitat?

Rising Property Taxes in São Paulo, Amongst Poor Municipal Planning

The impact of research and community outreach - towards walkable cities. 295 streets in the historic peninsula of Istanbul has been pedestrianized. 2.5 million people have been directly impacted by the project. EMBARQ Turkey released a study, that found an 80% approval rate from the students, residents, and local businesses and an increased perception of safety. 55% of people think the initiative has increased the accessibility by foot and 76% that traffic safety has improved.

Istanbul Walkability Development | Sustainable Cities Collective


China's New Urbanization Plan: Obstacles and Environmental Impacts. On March 16th, China’s State Council released the “National New-type Urbanization Plan,” a long-awaited top-down effort to utilize urbanization as an engine for economic growth in the near future. The plan details an ambitious series of goals the government seeks to accomplish by 2020. However, speeding up the urbanization process will have far-reaching environmental and social effects for China.

Growing Food and Farmers in Manhattan

Urban Farming Growth in NYC | Sustainable Cities Collective

Liverpool to turn derelict flyover into urban park with help of crowdfunding website

Rio Tietê há 100 anos perto da Ponte das Bandeiras. Como se pode planejar uma cidade sem cultivar sua história e seus ancestrais? Como se equilibrar nas pilhas de memórias de indígenas, imigrantes e migrantes? Como recordar um rio que não mais se vê?

Calculistas, jogadores e artistas – Cidades Para Pessoas

Seph Lawless captures abandoned malls of America

The death of a great American city: why does anyone still live in Detroit? The city’s social contract was shredded long ago and everyone knows time is running out – but some Detroiters have hope.

Amazing flip photos of Detroit then and now! The rise and fall (and nascent revival?) of Detroit – in pictures. Detroit experienced astonishing growth at the end of the 19th century, transforming into a thriving metropolis. Now the once-booming car factories are eerie ruins and neighbourhoods that were home to vibrant communities are in danger of vanishing. But, as this selection of images from the collection at Detroit Urbex also reveal, not all is lost.

Dover town council says it was hoped wave-shaped benches would deter extended sitting.

Store Front - The Disappearing Face of New York. From family business to big corporate or left to fall apart. The changing face of New York City by photographers James and Karla Murray

Local village shops are a staple part of life for most village residents in the UK; however, recent years have seen a decline in such establishments. But now the residents of Clifton have a giant vending machine providing them with basic necessities. And the locals are enjoying putting their money back into their local community as well as the convenience of not having to drive to a bigger town for the odd item they forgot to bring home.

Vending Machines For Shrinking Communities