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Haunted Churches & Chapels

Lucedio Monastery, Italy: This is a where torture, child molestation, murder and disturbing rituals were believed to have been performed by monks who had lost their faith in God. In the Judgement Room, a pillar mysteriously appears wet. It's called "the crying column" and people say that it cries because of all the cruelty it's seen. In another area of the building a strange fog has been seen forming numerous times for no explainable reason.

449px-Lucedio.jpg (image)

Belcourt Castle, Rhode Island: In the Chapel there is a statue of a monk. Before it was placed in the chapel, it was near the stairs. Those going through the house sometimes report seeing a man dressed as a monk near the stairs. He hasn’t been there seen since he was moved to the chapel. In the Gothic Ballroom there is a suit of armor whose owner died when a spear went through the eye slot. He can be heard screaming in and around March, at the time of his death.

Newport's Haunted Belcourt Castle | Haunt Jaunts

Few places are better suited to ghost stories than Prague, a city with strong ties to alchemy, mysticism and the occult. The Convent of St Agnes, the city’s first gothic building, is one of the creepier spots. People say a murdered nun still haunts the place, and can appear in front of visitors. Sometimes she smiles softly but often she’s crying and covered in blood.

The world’s most spooky haunted places | Photo Gallery

Strawberry Chapel -, SC haunting

Strawberry Chapel - Cordesville South Carolina SC

St Benet's Abbey on the marshes of East Norfolk, England. Haunted by at least one ghost!

St Benet's Abbey

Bear Creek Church, Columbia Tennessee-This is a very old church that was built in the early 1800`s.There is sightings of orbs and apparitions. It is also rumored to have been used as a satanic church years ago.There is a second floor, but only the first is accessible. The windows are painted blood red, even on the 2nd floor. Now abandoned, the place is still heavily guarded by pure evil, evident through spectral photos.

Abbey di Lucedio is a place where they say dark and disturbing rituals were performed. It was built in the 12th century, during which time an order of Cistercian monks resided. Many years later it was rumored that horrible rituals were performed there and the pope had it closed in 1784. Since then there have been numerous accounts of paranormal activity including moving objects, strange smells, a weeping pillar, mummified abbots and more. It is considered one of the scariest places on Earth.

Phra Si Sanphet Temple - About 50 years ago, a group of robbers stole gold from this ancient Thai temple, and were subsequently cursed. Stories about the thieves' gruesome deaths remain part of local lore.

Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theatre Mobile, Alabama 27.4 miles from Silverhill, AL Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former sea captain and the ghost of a young child who hangs out in the basement.

The Red Mount, St James Park This tiny chapel was built in 1485 and its roof is often compared to that of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. According to legend there is a secret tunnel linking the chapel to Castle Rising to the north of King’s Lynn. It is said that a drunken fiddler named Curtis decided to explore the tunnel, traditionally associated with fear and evil. His pet dog went with him and they were never seen again. On occasions he can still be heard playing his tunes, with the ...

Swan Pond Methodist Church is located in the Swan Pond Community of Harriman, TN. The church is located on top of a hill, and is surrounded with woods, giving it the feel of an authentic haunted site. The church was founded long ago, and Swan Pond was one of the oldest communities of Harriman, actually predating the city itself. After all those years, one can expect the area to boast at least a few spooks. Swan Pond Methodist Church is most notorious for a preacher who supposedly hung ...

There are reports of a child ghost being spotted in the windows of Abington Presbyterian Church in Abington, PA. Reports claim that because the graveyard was moved across York Road and the church was built on the site of the former cemetery, a child spirit has been restless ever since.

A Spirit Seen Before Death Father O’Sullivan tells this ghost story, he is a pastor at the mission. A young woman named Matilda lived in a small adobe house near the Serra Chapel at the mission. She helped the padre by cleaning the church, altar and the altar clothes.

Some have reported sightings of a mysterious woman at this 1916 coral rock church in Coconut Grove. "She wasn't very attractive, and she was short, but because she was levitating about four feet off the ground, she rose above us," one witness remembers. "She was wearing heavy robes, had a serious look on her face, and her hair was slicked back into a tight bun. She floated from the back of the room to the front, twice, and then disappeared."

The church of St Bartholomew in the remote Bodmin Moor hamlet of Warleggan. The church and clergy have had a chequered history of the years and both the church and rectory are said to be haunted. The church was the only one on Bodmin Moor with a spire. However, that was destroyed by lighting in the 19th century

Warleggan Church - Cornwall Guide Photos

Haunted Church

The beautiful haunted church that houses the Dodge County MN Historical Society Museum.

Derrycunnihy Church,,Galwey's Bridge,Killarney National Park,Co Kerry. Haunted by a young girl in white, reported to have died on the bridge, still trying to find her way home.

A few miles to the south-east of Edinburgh. Made famous by the novel and movie “The Da Vinci Code”, this working church was built for the Sinclair family in the fifteenth century. Ghostly flames apparently flicker in the burial vault when one of the Sinclairs is about to die, and an apparition of the apprentice who carved the famous Apprentice Pillar and was then murdered by his teacher, can sometimes be seen or heard. ©WikiCommons

Haunted Scotland

Harrison church topkea, KS (photo Lea Bryan) Reportedly haunted.

Only in Marion County WV is there a cute and tiny church on a beautiful hilltop- that is also haunted (supposedly).

Haunted Egg Hill Church

The Haunted Church of Gravity Hill Bucks County Pennsylvania, were I live, is a beautiful place, but not much of an area for strange anomalies. The town of New Hope, about 20 minutes from my house, does boast a few haunted buildings and a little further north at Ringing Rocks Park there is a bit of a geological