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Gelli Arts® VIDEOS - Tutorials

All videos on this board were created by Joan Bess for Gelli Arts™ and can be viewed on our youtube channel

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Printing with Gelli Arts®: Gelli Printing: Dark Over Light Easy, fun and so versatile! Apply layers of light paint with a DIY sponge dauber, let it dry—then brayer dark paint over it and pull your print. Watch this Gelli video to see it demonstrated step-by-step!

New Video Tutorial! Easy peasy DIY Combs (texture tools) for Gelli Printing! Erasers, credit cards... even cardboard! So much fun!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Gelli™ Printing with Styrofoam Plates. Gelli™ Printing with Styrofoam Plates Here's a great way to repurpose styrofoam plates to use in monoprinting! Watch this video for ideas on how to make your own unique reusable designs for Gelli printing!

Blog and Video Tutorial: Gelli Printing on Fusible Interfacing FYI— Materials used in the video include the following: 12"x14" Gelli plate 4" Speedball soft rubber brayer Fusible Nonwoven Interfacing — Pellon® 808 Craft-Fuse® Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic paint Hand-cut masks from blank stencil material (blue plastic) Hand-cut masks cut from cardstock Commercial stencils Catalyst Wedge Colour Shaper Deli paper (used for cover sheets)

Gelli Printing on Fusible Interfacing! New video tutorial- Printing on a different substrate is a great way to change things up. Watch this video and get inspired to create Gelli prints on nonwoven fusible interfacing!

VIDEO TUTORIAL from Gelli Arts!! Stamping with the 3x5 Gelli Plate!! The new 3"x5" Gelli plate is so versatile! Watch this video and see how EASY and FUN it is to use it as a stamp! More details and ideas on stamping with the Gelli plate on the Gelli Arts blog! gelliarts.blogspo...

New Gelli Arts Video! Loaded with great design ideas! Printmaking with Small Gelli™ Plates!!!! The NEW Gelli plate sizes are 3"x5" and 5"x7" ... just right for creating tags, cards, ATC's, postcards, small fine art prints or adding monoprinted images directly to larger work. The possibilities are endless!

VIDEO Tutorial!! Gelli Printing on Textured Paper! Smooth surfaces are wonderful for making highly detailed monoprints. But what if... you print on a textured substrate? Take a look at this video and see how fabulous the results can be! This isn't about printing on commercial textured paper, like a cold-press or rough watercolor surface. What we're doing here is preparing an intentionally textured substrate designed to be an integral part of the print.

New VIDEO TUTORIAL from Gelli Arts! Chine collé is a printmaking technique where lightweight paper is adhered to heavier paper as it's passed through a press with an inked plate. The result is a print on a collage. Gelli Printing Faux Chine Colle + a fabulous giveaway :) Deadline is Tuesday April 22nd, 2014 at noon for comments on the blog!

NEW Video tutorial from Joan Bess/Gelli Arts! Fun giveaway on blog too :) Gelli Printing with Crayon Resists

New Video Tutorial and Giveaway on blog! Winner chosen Monday, Jan 20th. Gelli Printing Painterly Layers!

Easy, Fun Gelli Printing on Tags! - New blog post and video. Full blog post including video can be found on the gelli arts blog!

Gelli Printing with Masking Fluid! - Masking fluid provides unique and creative possibilities for Gelli printing. Watch this video to see how it works!

Video Tutorial! Monoprinting with the NEW 8" Round Gelli Plate! -- There's something universally appealing about the round shape and all it symbolizes. Take a look at this video and see the beauty of printing on the NEW 8” Round Gelli Plate.

Gelli Printing on Fabric! -- Many monoprinting techniques work just as well on fabric as they do on paper. Watch this video and see how fun and easy it is to make your own printed fabric!

Thick & Thin of Gelli Printing! New VIDEO TUTORIAL on Gelli Printing! And now ... Another exciting technique for your Gelli printing! Watch what happens when you roll a layer of thick paint over a thin one ... for a unique way to create a layered multi-color Gelli print in one pull! If you're fascinated with unpredictable paint interactions — you'll want to explore this FUN technique!

Gelli Printing WORDS and a GOLDEN Giveaway (on blog)! Full blog post: www.gelliarts.blo.... Incorporating words into Gelli printing is easy and fun! But, it's also very easy to forget that when you are printing WORDS and letters in paint on a Gelli plate... that they will print in reverse! This video shares two easy techniques for making your Gelli-printed 'words' more reader-friendly! These are subtractive methods — meaning paint will be removed to create the letters.

Gelli Monoprinting with Molding Paste Texture Plates! Create your own unique texture plates for Gelli printing with molding paste! Watch this video and see how easy it is!

Gelli Arts Newest Tutorial Video - Gelli Transfer Film!! Gelli Transfer Prints — and a Giveaway! Gelli plates have a unique surface that allows you to pull monotypes on clear adhesive film! Watch this video and see how easy it is to do!

New Video Tutorial from Gelli Arts! Put a twist on your monoprinting experience — use gel medium instead of paint to create some clearly different Gelli prints! Full blog post here - gelliarts.blogspo...

New Video Tutorial from Gelli Arts! Put a twist on your monoprinting experience — use gel medium instead of paint to create some clearly different Gelli prints! Full blog post here - gelliarts.blogspo...

Making Foam Texture Plates for Gelli Printing — and a Giveaway! When you want to create prints with your own original designs, consider making reusable flexible foam texture plates! Watch this video and see how easy it is!

Our Gel Printing Plate ( looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature. It's easy to clean and always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool!

"Plan B" Gelli Prints! Read More @ gelliarts.blogspo.... Sometimes when you're Gelli printing you'll pull a print and observe a very cool design left on the plate. Sometimes this residual layer of paint will allow for the opportunity to pull an interesting second (ghost) print. And sometimes the paint remaining on the plate is too dry or too thin to pull a good ghost print. So you wipe the plate, or apply fresh paint and keep printing. C'est la vie!

Are We There Yet? Read more @ gelliarts.blogspo... This time Joan Bess experiments with adding more color! Acrylic paint will act as a resist to many mediums. So, the idea is to apply color to a dry print, then wipe it off with a damp paper towel (baby wipes would work too) to reveal the original paint. The added color remains in the bare paper areas and makes the print "pop"!