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Staring death in the face: The penguin comes face to face with its predator, an enormous leopard seal, in the waters of Port Lockroy off the Antarctic Peninsula

baby quokka - these animals only live on 1 island in the world and nobody inhabits the island. It's called Rottnest Island of the coast of Perth. If you have fresh water, they come sit on you to drink even though they are wild. I loved these creatures!

Paddy's Australian Adventures: Quakka for Daaaaaays!

BULLFROGcatfood (1)

What's even funnier is if you picture the hamster saying that in a deep mysterious voice.

Tastes lile chicken

Do turtles dream?

Siberian Husky by Alex Vehr

  • Ronaldo Goldberg

    The eyes tell the whole story...If they are the same...the dog is sane..if they are different.... devil dog! :) Huskies Rule! If you aint lead dog, the view never changes...

Husky Chariot....