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Genealogy Tip Jar

To celebrate Family History month, here's a collection of useful genealogy and family history resources and tips from!

On Google News you can search and read old print newspapers, going as far back as 1752.

Obituaries are a great #genealogy resource. What valuable information have you found?

This 'Dictionary of Old Occupations' can be very interesting. Add these details and definitions to the "notes" in your tree to make it come alive. #genealogy

The U.S. Pension Roll of 1835 received a recent update which includes indexed records to support images of Revolutionary War pension records. This updated collection provides deeper information on the county they resided in and units they served. #genealogy #familyhistory

New York has some of the most historic and famous prisons in the United States. We recently launched four new collections of New York prison records which range from 1797-1931. Photo Credit: Blackwell's Island Penitentiary, Library of Congress Photo Collection, 1840-2000.

Common Nicknames & Their Given Name Equivalents: Finding Nicknames in Your Family Tree

What do you do when your ancestors are adopted? This article shows you how.

Genealogy Tool Kit from the National Archives - need to look at this site, it looks interesting

Census Facts on 50 States| Doing your family genealogy you have and will continue to use the U. S. Federal Censuses. They are a very valuable tool in research. From the first census in 1790 showing approximately 3.9 million people in the new country to the latest census it is so important to check all the censuses available for information about your ancestors. Each census counted as many people as could be located, whether they were a U. S. citizen or not, they counted. #census #familytree

  • Billie Price

    This is fantastic, a lot of my relatives lived in Chickasaw Indian Nation, later town was called Marlow , Ok Bradfords and Wolf Descendants Viewer lets you see hundreds of descendants of your ancestors from an aerial view using compact symbols to reveal patterns of incomplete research. Syncs with

'How To Identify Antique Photos' ~ If you have ever been the happy recipient of a box full of old family photographs, you may also have experienced the dismay of discovering some or all of them are not labeled with names. This article covers various techniques to determine the age and subject of these photos to help learn their identities.

Clickable map of East Europe that brings you to pages of links and resources for family history.

What war could your ancestor have served in? Use this hand chart as a rule of thumb to focus your family history research. #genealogy