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Hey Girl

Thomas Edison has a crush on you.

There's no denying this supermassive attraction to you, girl. #heygirl

Solving the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges

Hey girl, I’m searching for my Mrs. Right Angle.

Solving the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges

Hey girl ;)

Shaping the Future at GE Global Research
  • Morgan Watts

    This is beautiful ^.^

  • Greg Linnemanstons

    You guys really worked it, and we all need to give you credit for that. You left no pun unturned, and that takes effort and inspiration!

Talk to me, girl. #heygirl

  • N/A

    Oh stop! I bet you say that to ANYTHING with a big caboose.

  • GE

    @N/A - We're glad you enjoy our #heygirl board!

  • Schyler Osborne

    Wow, that's really powerful. I guess the next step is to shut it down before it can get to the US Army and win a war (like radar technology) or otherwise benefit the masses

  • Schyler Osborne

    For the best. GE's track record on defense contracts is. . .uh. . . well, less than patriotic

  • Kathleen Hunter

    Hey Girl, my homeboy (err... sorry.. Enemy) Westinghouse Really was the man when it came to trains... and actually Paid that dapper genius Tesla... unlike me.

I have a crush on you, girl. #heygirl

Thomas Edison @ GE
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Thomas Edison @ GE
  • Schyler Osborne

    Not William Morrison? I really don't know why I'm surprised. Tell you what, I'll buy one of YOUR electric cars if you can promise me you won't recall it, tell me it's impossible to repair, upsale me to another model, and meanwhile send the replacement part to other customers.

  • Diksha Gerella

    Super stuff, interesting idea!

  • Christine 'CK' Kotila

    Schyler, you are a complete a-hole. I've reported EVERY single response you've had. RESPECT Pinterest, respect other pinners you D-bag. Signed, C from the D. Yes, THE D. Detroit!

  • Schyler Osborne

    Every single thing I posted is a fact and it makes me sick that they still venerate one of America's greatest villains. And GE couldn't be more evil if Lex Luthor were CEO. Pinterest is for pinners not for huge corporations to try to hock their products on social media by trying to appeal to members with awful memes.

  • Irena Pannacchione

    Hey Girl I just murdered Nikola Tesla so we can rip of billions together

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Thomas Edison @ GE

I have a splitter for these headphones, girl. #heygirl

Thomas Edison @ GE
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Telegraph me sometime, girl. #heygirl

  • GE

    @Sean Vander Meulen - We've addressed this in a blog post about the "10 Inventors of the Incandescent Lightbulb." Check it out:

  • Vanessa McGrady

    This is hilarious. I work for a utility. Using this as case study, thank you.

  • Sean Vander Meulen

    @GE - Yes, your article is very informative and well-written, thank you. I was making a joke based on the popular misconceptions of Edison as a prolific inventor who came up with his ideas out of thin air, a myth which I appreciate you debunking. It may have gone too far in the other direction; I don't mean to cloud the issue. My personal understanding of the issues surrounding the provenance of Edison's inventions is much more nuanced. I am a physics teacher, and I am always sure to make the point to my students that science is a group effort, and am careful not to ascribe spurious motives to scientific work or take sides in the Edison/Tesla fight or similar debates. I am always eager to learn more, if you have other such resources. Thanks!

  • GE

    @Sean Vander Meulen - Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :)

  • Schyler Osborne

    Tom, your ego is repellent. You were more Capitalist than inventor, which is fine up until the point that you have your friends create an award in your name and start handing it to real innovators. It would be like someone handing Lennon/McCartney the Sir Mix-a-lot Award of Musical Acheivement

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Thomas Edison @ GE

We know this is crazy.

Thomas Edison @ GE
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