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Science and Nature

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Stunning Photography by Oer-Wout

Unbelievable Places to Visit Before You Die.

Pictured is Marie Curie's experimental notebook - which after almost a hundred years, is still incredibly radioactive! All of her notes and books can only be handled safely using radiation gear and are stored in lead lined boxes.

The Mineral Moon (NASA/JPL) - this mosaic of 53 images was recorded by the Jupiter-bound Galileo spacecraft as it passed near our own large natural satellite in 1992. The pictures were recorded through three spectral filters and combined in an exaggerated false-color scheme to explore the composition of the lunar surface as changes in mineral content produce subtle color differences in reflected light.

Crows Ravens: #Corvid Identification Reference: Comparative sizes of various "black birds" (Starling, Red-Winged Blackbird, Grackle, Crow, Raven, etc.).

Crows Ravens: #Crow/#Raven Art, by Lindsey Kustusch.

The Milky Way, Large and Small Magellanic Clouds and bright star Canopus can be seen in this image taken at sunrise over East Java%u2019s Mount Bromo by photographer Justin Ng of Singapore. This image was released to on Sept. 10, 2013.

Yellow Fungi growth on Log #1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


photos-that-will-make-your-stomach-drop-11 First Balloon Aerial Photos of Stonehenge - supersize

lightning storm, Grand Canyon

Petar Blagojevic (Петар Благојевић; died 1725) was a Serbian peasant who was believed to have become a vampire after his death and to have killed nine of his fellow villagers. The case was one of the earliest, most sensational and most well documented cases of vampire hysteria. It was described in the report of Imperial Provisor Frombald, an official of the Austrian administration, who witnessed the staking of Blagojevic. #Vampires #legends

In 2001, archaeologists found two bog mummies, one apparently male, one apparently female, buried under a roundhouse in the prehistoric village of Cladh Hallan on the island of South Uist in Scotland's Outer Hebrides.

Quantum physics has scientifically proven what the yogis, Buddhas, and Mystics have always taught, namely that the reality we perceive as being ‘out there’ in a fixed state is in fact an illusion. Instead what we are actually dealing with is a field of infinite possibilities which is in a constant state of flux. The reality we perceive is what our brain has come to assume is there.

White Wolf: Archaeologists uncover largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America

Hubble Finds Dark Matter Ring in Galaxy Cluster

Feces Fossil

buckyballs, fullerene

A growing number of tech companies and names are demanding basic, unalienable, digital rights

Higgs Boson