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wingardium lexiprosa

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No Kidnapping here!
  • Mieze Musch-Musch

    I think he would be a great babysitter ;)

  • John C

    Kudos! Sounds like you found something that actually works!

  • Natalie B

    Too funny

  • Ray Valverde

    I heard they started eating the kids so the baby sitter gig went right out the window, (if orcs used windows, I've heard they prefer Apple's)

  • LadyLight

    Yes. I'm a preschool teacher. That's EXACTLY how we do it.

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I'm done with Sparkly Vampires.

  • Ray Valverde

    Now that it's done can someone explain to me how an undead vampire, can get a human girl pregnant? How about teenage zombies in high school, their conflicts with necrophiliac death metal goths, and the plain unattractive girl who is caught in the middle. "I was a Zombie's Teenage Baby Mama."

  • Rebekah Sporleder

    never seen a single twilight and plan to keep it that way, but i still like the pic.

  • David Barzaga

    Let's wait for a better movie.

  • Brian Mora

    Aw hell, George, I never got into that sort of thing myself. Would rather watch Alaska State Troopers, The O'Reilly Factor, The Flintstones, Dragnet, or even this nice little show called Star Trek. :-)

  • Drake DeArmond

    Agreed Mr. Takei

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Dark Lord vs. Time Lords... A bit Tardis to the Partis?

From a fan. ET Phone hoooooooooo--

Repin if you agree this is a tragic "fail."

  • Susan Kay-Attwood

    That's the whole point!

  • Odin Wium

    I hate it when people do that!

  • Deborah Davis

    Haha. Man, i hope they didnt wear this in public.

  • Frank Brookes

    No, not a fail, it's one of those jkokes that's not really a joke but is awesome cause it... cause it is... Anyway, I'd wear the shit out of this shirt. I love it. This better link to a place I can buy it or I'm going to be all kinds of slightly miffed.

  • Frank Brookes

    Dammit, you can't just link to your own facepage!!

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The lawn and the short of it.

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Perhaps her hair muffs blocked the Force.

  • Derrell Clark

    Leia never had (still doesn't have) the skill with the Force that Luke, or Anakin, had. The Force is not strong with that one. In fact it's very, very weak. Perhaps this is the reason that Luke and Vader didn't recognize her as family.

  • Mimi Jakubczyk

    Hopefully in VII (2015) we'll get some answers.

  • Queue Printer

    Maybe the force is different between males and females, so they wouldn't sense her as easily because of that difference.

  • Karl Tejsner

    She didnt know. Thats the reason..

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REPIN if you had to do a double take.

That awkward moment
  • Odin Wium

    Im so scared

  • Jill Henderson

    Nom, nom, nom!

  • Rebekah Sporleder

    whaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he has a nose!

  • Ellen Rice

    Yee-oowz! I can see it in the eyes and especially the mouth, but....this guy is HOT! Of course, the movie Voldemort doesn't look like my image of the "true" Voldemort from the books anyway.

  • Josie Grover

    Nope, this guy has a nose. I specifically remember that Lord V doesn't have a nose.

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And they both are found in the Milky Way.

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Keeping up with the Cardassians.

Saber the moment.

I need me a heap of these somethin' Tribble.

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Want to learn how the Star Alliance was born? Read about it in my upcoming book "Oh Myyy"--now on presale, with limited edition copies. Thanks for your support, friends!

  • LadyLight

    My daughter told me to follow you on Facebook. She was right. Gonna.

Livin' in the For-b-b-bidden forest.

From a fan. (Time)Warp Factor 9.

From a fan. Does no one else notice the cherries? I guess Darth did. And what is HE wearing?

At least for the sake of his elf esteem.

Mars Wars. (No, we don't really have two suns, if anyone was wondering.)

From a fan. Lord Vader wept when Voldemort died.

  • Cari Hahn

    ... You mean Voldemort DIES??? AHHHHHHH! (Just kidding. Couldn't resist commenting, though...) :D

  • Michele Hijar Dudley

    Too funny, Cari Anne!

  • Cari Hahn

    Glad it made you laugh, Michele! :)

  • Jessica Dale

    Lord Vader does not weep for the dead. He gets pissed off and takes over galaxies. Plus his tear ducts probably don't function anymore.

  • Angel Telesco

    @Lucia Coccoli & @Tracey Troilo - thought you'd get a kick out of this.

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