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George Tupak

George Tupak

My name is George Tupak. I am a professional visionary Shaman. More than a profession for me, I am helping people in their search for happiness.

The high dry Nevada Desert...alkali flats... Perfect for racing cars, teaching my sister to drive a stick shift, shooting guns, blowing stuff up and having huge bonfires out in the desert. Memories..._ #GeorgeTupak

Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada... A million years ago, Nevada's desert was drowned under a massive lake. Evidence of the silver state's lacustrine past can be seen at Cathedral Gorge state park, near Panaca in eastern Nevada, where a dramatic series of canyons have been eroded into the soft bentonite clay._ #GeorgeTupak

3,000-Pound Fire-Breathing Robot Scorpion Roving the Nevada Desert_ #GeorgeTupak

A 1966 21-window Volkswagen Type 2 bus. Abandoned somewhere in the Nevada desert, it was partially stripped and left to rust, then shot up by gun-toting desert wanderers looking for a bit of target practice._ #GeorgeTupak

Angry Northern Nevada Desert_#GeorgeTupak

High Mountain Lakes, Montana. One of the more beautiful places to visit!!_#GeorgeTupak

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier_ #GeorgeTupak


Stanton Mountain from Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana • photo: Ryan Dyar on Flickr #mindshots #mindpics_ #GeorgeTupak

Stunning Picz: Montana. Iceberg Lake..._ #GeorgeTupak

Sunset through the trees. Flathead Lake, Montana. Been there...._ #GeorgeTupak

Flathead Lake, Montana: Because of the crystal-clear water, Flathead Lake in Montana seems shallow, but in reality is 370 feet in depth...Wow!_ #GeorgeTupak

Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. This is a must on my list as the glaciers are continuously receding._ #GeorgeTupak

The Colorado Cheyenne Tipi is patterned from authentic Cheyenne Indian design. The Cheyenne tribe lived in close proximity to Colorado and parts of the West. Historically accurate, this tipi is still used today by the Utes, Navajos and Kiowas as ceremonial tipis._ #GeorgeTupak

Martin Grelle painted this image of a Cheyenne Wedding Preparation._ #GeorgeTupak

Cheyenne camp near Glass Mountains, 1871. The Cheyenne people carry a tribal name received from their Siouian allies when they all lived in present Minnesota in the 1500s. The name means "foreign speakers" and was used by the Sioux in reference to Algonquian-speaking tribes. The Cheyenne, however, refer to themselves by the name "Tsistsistas," an old term whose meaning is uncertain._ #GeorgeTupak

Staff development at Camp Leslie Marrow Bone, the Y camp on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reservation._ #GeorgeTupak

Drying Meat - Cheyenne 1927 by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections_ #GeorgeTupak

Cheyenne Tribe Arts Crafts #8 of 20_ #GeorgeTupak

Travel Quotes for the Adventurous Traveller. Photo by Bernt Rostad_ #GeorgeTupak

Namibia is every #photographer's dream! Check out our Photography series on our Blog for out of this world shots of Namibia!_ #GeorgeTupak