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George Tupak
George Tupak
George Tupak

George Tupak

My name is George Tupak. I am a professional visionary Shaman. More than a profession for me, I am helping people in their search for happiness.

The morning mist was just starting to clear when Alights on a Cloud donned his "Iron Shirt" a Spanish suit of armor made of leather and metal discs his father had given him in 1844. He and nine other Cheyenne scouts eager for battle made a charge at the Pawnee line. #GeorgeTupak

Cheyenne Indian Braves. The photo is by Curtis, and was taken in 1910. #GeorgeTupak


Cheyenne Indians Interesting Facts #GeorgeTupak

Little Coyote, Northern Cheyenne Chief known as a great military tactician and led a dramatic escape from confinement in Oklahoma back to the Northern Cheyenne homeland in 1878 #GeorgeTupak

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s incredible installations look like giant overgrown tumors or roots that are slowly taking over the spaces they inhabit breaking through doors, walls, floors, and ceilings. #GeorgeTupak

Amazing use of light and reflections on glass: Set against the Shanghai backdrop, Jasper James’ photo series is a sublime portrait of a metropolis and its residents #GeorgeTupak

Audrey Hepburn Graffiti in Little Italy - New York City #GeorgeTupak

6 Surprising Concrete Ideas For Your Home That Don't Look Anything Like Prison Cells (PHOTOS) #GeorgeTupak

Stained Glass Window Graffiti by Banksy Canvas Print Bansky is one of Londons dopest street artists. I so wish I could go to Europe and meet this guy. -Art Appreciator #GeorgeTupak

As mais legais obras de Arte Urbana espalhadas pelo mundo – Parte 3 | O Buteco da Net #GeorgeTupak

Side View Fos Vegan Restauran in Madrid Features an Exciting Ephemeral Installation #GeorgeTupak

Frank Morrison | African American painter | The Urban Jazz...look at her dancing w/ her over-sized Afro puffs! #GeorgeTupak

Would this catch you by surprise? Pretty awesome isn't it. I love urban art. #GeorgeTupak

Moleskine art - Urban Effing Cancer by sol-Escape #GeorgeTupak

environmental graphics | garden design / repinned on toby designs #GeorgeTupak

Janet Echelman is transforming urban spaces with billowing, soft, volumetric sculptures scaled to skyscrapers which are idiosyncratic, ephemeral and fluid in the wind. Here is her TED talk #Janet_Echelman #Sculpture #TED #GeorgeTupak

levis: guerrilla paint installation. street art #GeorgeTupak

That third one down... that piece (the original at least) was the first artwork we looked at in my very first art history class. Art started as paint on the walls. #GeorgeTupak

Belonging : Patrick Murphy Artist, installation on Walker Gallery, Liverpool for Liverpool Biennial #art #public #installation #GeorgeTupak

freakin' AWESOME: pipe bookshelves (LOVE) --- very versatile too -- sooooo many ways you can configure these & put them together!!! #GeorgeTupak

The latest design of bus stop this and looking forward to seeing it on Sunday #GeorgeTupak