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Gluten-Free Goddess® Blog Update-- Working on making printer-friendly recipes for you, Darlings. I've got three done. Only hundreds to go. I'm going to chip away it, recipe by recipe, starting with the recipes you're using the most, and then working my way back... Here's one example: look for the new Print Recipe button below the recipe. ♥ Karina

Jewish Adventures in Gluten Free Baking – Jew and the Carrot – Bakes up Gluten-Free Goddess Dark Chocolate Brownies

Jewish Adventures in Gluten Free Baking – Jew and the Carrot

Whole Grain Gluten-Free Strawberry Muffins. Happy Summer.

Happy Summer Solstice! My Favorite Gluten-Free Summer Recipes Index xox

Living Without Our Daily Bread - my post about living with celiac disease. Facts, realities and hope. #glutenfree #celiac #awareness

Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

New- Gluten-Free Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes #chocolate #glutenfree

Gluten-Free Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes | Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

Gluten-Free Goddess Irish-Inspired Soda Bread Rolls with Raisins

Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes : from brownies to cake, crisps to cookies

Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes | Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes
  • Susan Gallagher

    No offense but aren't there any gf recipes that are healthy? With all the sugar and butter in the typical gf recipes it's like trading one illness for another .. 8|

  • Cathryn Baker

    So good!!! This is the only brownie recipe we use

  • Kristalyn Huber

    @Susan Gallagher, for most recipes you can use coconut oil instead of butter and lakanto or palm sugar in place of regular sugar.

  • Gluten-Free Goddess

    @Susan Gallagher Hi Susan- I admit my dessert recipes are decadent (since 2007, they are dairy-free- I don't use butter). Use coconut oil in any older recipe. Check out my Vegan and Vegetarian Index for all kinds of healthy GF recipes. From Kale Chips to Cashew Hummus, Detox soups to quinoa salads- lots of good choices!

  • Susan Gallagher

    Thx GFG... i will check them out :)

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The Gluten-Free Goddess eBOOK: best loved recipes is now available @ iTunes : a bright, concise, beautiful presentation of my favorite gluten-free dairy-free recipes.

Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes: MY eBook Cookbook

Coconut milk split pea soup #vegan #glutenfree #soup

Coconut Split Pea Soup | Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes & Tips

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FAQ questions-- and answers!-- on Gluten Free Goddess. Good stuff to share with those newly GF.

Espresso chocolate chip cookies. Gluten-free for grown-ups.

Mediterranean Diet friendly recipes : gluten-free (life beyond cupcakes)

Mediterranean Diet Recipes | Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with a secret ingredient.

New gluten-free chocolate chip cookies - soft and chewy- like the Toll House cookies I remember

For those new to gluten-free, here are my favorite bread and tea bread recipes.

My Best Gluten-Free Goddess Pumpkin Recipes- from muffins, to waffles, pancakes, cookies, cake and pie...

How to go gluten free- with tips and practical advice from Gluten-Free Goddess.

Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes: HOW TO GO GLUTEN-FREE

With the bad news about brown rice and arsenic we're eating more quinoa. Like this gluten-free quinoa salad with roasted beets, chick peas and oranges...

  • Mellissa Last

    What!? Brown rice & arsenic?! Good grief. Off to google I go. Tx GFGoddess ;)

  • Kelly Klein

    Good Grief indeed...I just finished reading a few articles!

New gluten-free quinoa bars- tasty, like a blondie. Perfect with Cindy Sherman.

  • cHow Divine {Gomo}

    @Karina Allrich Any good (vegan) alternative to coconut oil/butter to achieve similar texture in baked goods? Can't seem to digest coconut products well. Thanks!

  • Gluten-Free Goddess

    What do you usually use in baked goods? I find many oils work- with slight variations.

  • cHow Divine {Gomo}

    Thank you for the response. I use mostly canola oil. But it doesn't seem to give the right density sometimes when I substitute 1:1 for coconut oil.

  • Gluten-Free Goddess

    @Gomo | cHowDivine Interesting. I admit coconut oil is velvety and buttery in baking; but I've had good luck lately using organic canola oil in my dark chocolate brownie recipe, and cookies.

  • cHow Divine {Gomo}

    @Karina Allrich I think I will just try using a little bit more canola oil to give it more richness & density. I can't wait to try your recipes. Thank you for the response!