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memorial ideas

Who wants to plan a funeral, when you can plan a celebration of life instead? Find original unique funeral gifts, urns and plantable seed cards that turn a funeral into a memorable celebration of life. Visit for original products and ideas.

Memory Stones for the memorial table at a funeral. "In loving memory" engraved on one side, the other left blank for guests to personalize with a sharpie. #funeral #gifts #memorialstones

Memory stones, the perfect personalized funeral gift. "In loving memory" engraved on one side, the other side blank to be filled in with personalized messages by those attending the #funeral. #gifts #memorial #memorystones

Etched Memorial Marble Tile for your pet. #pet #memorial

What a great way to remember your cat or dog than with this memory box and urn that also includes material to capture your pets paw print. Put your pets favorite toys, collar and leash in the box. $49.95 #pets #memorial #dog #pawprint

Custom Floral Baseball for a Funeral Service made by Mary's Flowers & Gifts, Florence, SC. Designed By Mary Stone. #memorial #flowers #funeral #gift

idea for remembering your loved one this holiday season: light a candle at your dinner table in their memory. #memorial #celebrationoflife #holidays

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creative idea to remember a loved one this holiday season: have guests write down memories and share at the table. #holidays #memorial #celebrationoflife

ideas to remember your loved one this holiday season: plant a tree in their memory. #holidays #tree #memorial

four ideas to remember your loved one this holiday season. #memorial #holidays #celebration of life

Butterfly celebration of life ring. If you are serving a meal at the funeral or life celebration you are planning, you may want to wrap the pocket ring around the silverware with raffia or ribbon. #funeral favor #funeral gift #Next Gen Memorials

Hand these memory stones out at the celebration of life. One side says "In Loving Memory" and the other side has a sweet picture of a heart with wings. When friends and family come across the stone they will remember your loved one. #memorial gift, #funeral gift, #memorial service ideas, #creative funeral ideas.

Get creative with funeral flowers. Make them celebration of life flowers. Isn't this the perfect floral display for the world traveler? #funeral flowers, #creative funeral flowers, #celebration of life flowers, #unique floral arrangements

What a great way to capture memories of your loved one, create a memory tree. Guests are asked to write their memory on the dove and hang it on the tree. #funeral ideas, #creative celebration of life ideas, #memory tree, #memorial ideas for mom, #funeral service ideas

Memory tables are very popular at funeral. What a great and affordable idea to use chalk boards to describe what is on the table. In this case they wrote that the lantern was lit in loving memory of the departed. #funeral ideas, #celebration of life ideas, #memory table, #creative funeral ideas

A customer was so sweet to send us a photo of the beautiful urn we made for her. It's sitting on and entry table in her home. She wanted to enjoy the urn before her time came and after she passes she likes knowing that her family remembers that she picked it out and treasured it while she was alive. The one on the right was the urn the artist originally made, it was sold and the artisit copied it. #funeral urn, #artistic urn, #cremation urn

Here's a wonderful idea for a memorial service, life celebration, attach a photo from each year of your loved one's life to a balloon. After the service, friends and family can release the balloon.

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Wouldn't this be the perfect memorial tribute for the person who has everything? #memorial #love

Here is a creative idea, create a collage that captures your love one. Look what Laura did, using snapshots of knickknacks from her grandfather's garage. Using vintage hardware leftovers and the setting sun, she put together a very cool and unique tribute to her grandfather. This photo of the collage would be great incorporated into a memorial folder to hand out at a service or printed on thank-you notes.

A memory tree is a place to capture special memories of your loved one. Family and friends take a card and write their memory on the card and then tie the card onto the tree branch. After the service, the tree can be put in a special place where you can go to it and read all the memories shared or you can take off the cards and put them in a special box where you can go back and read them from time to time.

A heart-shaped meadow, created by a farmer as a tribute to his late wife, can be seen from the air near Wickwar, South Gloucestershire. The point of the heart points towards Wotton Hill, where his wife was born.

Life Celebration Ideas, How to Plan a Memorial Service, love the idea of drying flowers from a memorial service and then making them into beads, bookmarks, key chains etc. What a great way to remember a loved one! Easy to make with Sculpty, click on image for instructions.

Sample Obituary | Obituary Examples | Example of Unique Obituaries- family gives their dad one last laugh-in his obituary. Yep, you are seeing this correctly, they put a photo of the back of his head in his obituary. He had the photo taken of the back of his head as a joke and framed it and gave it to his four grown children for Christmas. He enjoyed showing people how absurd life was. Looks like his children got the last laugh. He would have approved. Love it!

Butterfly seed memorial cards which make thoughtful funeral gifts. The butterfly is made of paper that is embedded with forget-me-not flower seeds. Give them out at a funeral to help your guests remember their loved one. www.nextgenmemori... $2.75 in quantity of 100. #butterfly cards for funeral, #seed butterfly cards, #funeral gift, #funeral idea

Great idea for a memorial hearth