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lettering - @Jess Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Phillips. Isn't this cool for first book page?! :)

how to make the medieval renaissance hats, hairs. A lot of good tips here

PSA: The Society for Creative Anachronism specifically excludes the Bubonic Plague as part of our historical experience. If you're experiencing these symptoms at an SCA event, it's likely pollen!

sewing by candle light at Great Western War

"Video: 16th-century warfare manual suggests strapping rockets to cats" || As my friend said: "Paint all of the period rockets!"

14th Century Sewing & Textile Information

lady with the well-groomed unicorn and the monkey squire ‘Hours of Engelbert of Nassau’, Flanders ca. 1470-1490. Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 219, fol. 96v

12_3.jpg (280×334) Border of brocade attached to petticoat. Common period practice, it appears you have a lot fancier clothing than you can really afford and you don't waste expensive fabric where no one can see.

romano celtic costume - Google Search

By Her Royal Highness Bridget Lucia Makenzie of Caid: "This is my recreation of the grave wrappings of the Blue Bonnet Baby, a small girl child found in the tomb of the Mummies of Urumshi by Dr. Elizabeth Barber. I spun, wove, dyed and felted all the pieces, and compared it to the actual mummy wrappings when it was on display in a local museum. Quite an adventure!"

Girl, you rock that Elizabethan dress!

Can you say Tre-bouquet Toss?

Picture and Video tutorial for how to do 3 different kinds of knots in hair - Celtic knotwork hair, it doesn't get more awesome than that :)

How to make a Nalbinding needle.... I made one. Now I need to learn the craft.

For your hair or shawl or scarf. We can make the sticks shorter or longer if you need them to be a different length. Celtic Knot Swirl Hair Fork Shawl Pin Scarf by nicholasandfelice, $ 18.00