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Flowers and plants

If we concentrated on the beauty of nature perhaps we'd need less...... Bee-Orchid: Ophrys speculum subsp. speculum

Bee-Orchid: Ophrys speculum subsp. speculum | protractedgarden

ornamental kale

Ornamental kale

Pineapple mint plant growing in my front yard. It is a perennial here on the Oregon coast, but isn't everywhere. It is almost time to harvest it, just before it blooms when the flavor is the strongest. I will be hanging it in bunches upside down to dry, then storing it in a glass jar until I am ready to put it into tea bags. I use the iron-shut ones available at most health-food stores.

House with 2 gunnera manicata trees in their yard. Can't wait to get sand, make a cement casting/stone...

Another gunnera manicata tree in the same yard as prior post. Love these huge leaves. In tropical setting, get leaves up to 10 feet across, these are about 5 feet.

Gunnera manicata tree, Gets leaves over 5 feet across. In jungle setting, up to 10 feet across! I plan to make some cement castings, sidewalk sized from some of the leaves!

  • Cindilou

    Is there a chance you would consider selling and shipping one of the leaves?

Gunnera manicata tree. Here in Myrtle Point, on the Oregon Coast. There re 2 houses with them in town. They originate from Brazil. The blossoms are brown, strange, Leaves get over 5 feet across!

Fig tree. Can't wait until they are ripe. They aren't formed from a blossom , like most fruit, and these produce fruit twice in one summer!

Fruit cocktail trees. You can see they have different kinds of leaves. They will have plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines all on one tree.

Shamrock plant with peacock orchis coming up too. Luck-o-the Irish to Ye!

Fruitcocktail tree! It will have plums,apricots, peaches, and nectarines all on one tree! I have 2 of them! They are getting more leaves than my 5in1 apple trees and my 5n1 Pear trees, so far. Will take 2 years to have fruit.