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In the 50s, this was perfection. Clearly, I'm living in the wrong decade.

Military hospital

Rating Album: 3.5 - Military hospital

Panzergrenadiers and Panther

Hitler and SA troops, pre-war photo.

Perry Smith is seen in 1960. Smith was hanged with Richard Hickock in 1965 after being convicted of the quadruple murder of the Herbert Clutter family in 1959

Clutter murders remembered | Wichita Eagle

Richard Hickock is seen in 1960. Hickock was hanged with Perry Smith in 1965 after being convicted in the 1959 quadruple murder of the Herbert Clutter family.

Clutter murders remembered | Wichita Eagle

Author Truman Capote stands in the living room of the Clutter ranch house where four members of the Kansas family were murdered in 1959. Capote's account of the crime and its solution. "In Cold Blood" was a best-seller and is being filmed in the actual locales. Despite critical comment, Capote declares his "non-fiction novel" was an advance in literature.

Clutter murders remembered | Wichita Eagle

This is the farm home of Herb Clutter family near Garden City where the father, mother and two children were gagged, bound and shot to death. Authorities are shown carrying one of the bodies from the home to the ambulance at left. The bodies of Clutter, a 50-year-old well-to-do farmer; his wife, Bonnie, and their two children, Nancy and Kenyon were found in the home early Nov. 15, 1959.

Clutter murders remembered | Wichita Eagle

Have you ever read this novel? I read it once and I can't get it out of my head. I was obsessed with the story and felt so sad just thinking about how could they killed the Clutters family.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

Portrait of Sultan Mehmed II el-Fatih the Conqueror by Gentile Bellini (Italy, early 16th century, L07222 267) on display in Museum of Islamic Art. Doha, Qatar, March 7, 2010

Modern painting of Mehmed II and the Ottoman army approaching Constantinople, transporting a giant bombard..

The room in the basement of the Ipatiev House where the Romanovs were shot.

Inspector Pekkala

The Ipatiev House. The house for "Special Purpose". It was a jail for Romanov family and they were murdered here in the cellar room.

Inspector Pekkala

The Varangian Guards of the Byzantine court in the tenth century were recruited from eastern-travelling Vikings who came to Greece through the lands of the Rus.

The janissaries were infantry units that formed the Ottoman sultan's bodyguard and household troops, but they also sometimes played a role in deciding who sat on the throne.