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Rialto is a very nice game settled in Venice. It helps you to get the feeling of the town, the small streets, the canals, the people... not overall complex but absolutely nice to play with family and friends.

Federico Zambelli painitng servicies has just delivered these little tough Blood Bowl players. They are awesome.

Legend of Andor, very good game!

Wizkids over the last 10years has produces some remarkable good products (and some terrible ones too). The Mage Knight boardgame is a real good one, excellent with 2players nice strategy and, so far, not repetitive. Good to play when short of friends.

A small squad of marines in the deep corridors of an ancient, lost spaceship looking for forgotten artifacts found a lost and deadly race of aliens! if you like alien (the movie), or Warhammer 40.000 or an excellent 2 players' strategy game, Space Hulk is what you are looking for.

not all games are simple easy and for everyone. Sometimes you just want to play a complex acquisition game in the age of steam powered trains. 1830 is a perfect mix of complexity, strategy, economical challenge and diplomacy skills. All aboard!

Wait the cherry to bloom, listen the sound of the wind, be one with your earth, be a Samurai! This game is a very nice territory control boardgame set in medieval Japan. Game mechanic is excellent and the game components are really nice.

Spring is coming and you need to prepare your fields. If you think that farming is too much for you and you are bored with a successful online game, then Bohnanza is what you are looking for. Funny, simple but with deep strategy, cuthroat competition and lots of laugh.

Not yet enough Pirates? Missing Johnny, Olando and Keira? no 'ore he'e 're 'gain rdy to sink dat damn' galleon!

Pirate's Cove | Image | BoardGameGeek

it came for the late night show... remember that day when your minivan stopped and you and your friends went to that house looking for help? ah THAT? An excellent family game, simple rules, excellent backgorund.

Solid and nice WWII game. Some production planning needed, some strategy options available and a game mechanic that allows everyone who played Risk! to play it.

a quite evening with friends. Maybe a fireplace or outside after a BBQ? Why not jumping in the fantasy middle ages and defend the mithyc castle of Camelot against the evil minions? But beware, one of your trusted Knights may have a deep black secret.

A wonderful journey in medieval Spain, this games is about territtory, intrigue, diplomacy and advance planning but not too complicated for non-expert players. A strong BUY IT is my advice.

Absolutely a must! Solid diplomatic/strategic game, to be played in good company, maybe after viewing an episode.

The game of today is for fine taste palyers. Not simple, not a one-hour and something game, but more a solid, round, challenging moloch that with the right group od people can give you a long week end of pleasure. Beer not included, but, if you are of age and no alchool free, strongly suggested.

Probably one of my 3-5 top games, only limit yuo need to be in 5 to fully appreciate the game. Lot of strategy and different possibilities to win makes Puerto Rico a real excellent game.

Very good game for non-expert players who are looking for something different from the usual Monopoly. Could be played also with 2 players only, 4-5 players is the best set up.