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Gidget Edwards

Gidget Edwards


Confession of a Single Woman: I want a Best Friend/Lover/Companion who connects with me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I'll have more luck finding a Unicorn.

That's why I no longer drink tequila... ok why I've significantly reduced my tequila intake

We are single because we generate more awesome than most men can handle

nursing student jokes | memes and pictures all about being a nurse or nursing student i do not ...

Haha. Actually, I've seen the divorce rate with my socks decrease recently--an encouraging sign! :D

Your online dating application has been denied due to your answer to question six: "What do you want in a man?" "A bullet" is not an acceptable answer.

I have a boyfriend. Oh wait, no, that's a fridge. I have a fridge. Single life.

'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' Yeah, fonder of the absence. #humor #single

A well read woman...

To all the women who keep running back (or even keep "friendships") with the guy who has lied to you and cheated on you look DESPERATE and PATHETIC. Quit the weird obsession you have with him, and move on with your fucking life already!! You look like a frickin' dumbass! And please, learn to have more respect for yourself.

Go ahead, underestimate me and wait and see what you get in return. Respect should never be misconstrued as weakness.

"The more you love me; the more I will ruin you....― David Levithan

You know, after all you've done, the pain you caused & the non stop lying, back stabbing bitch that you are.... I really do want to kick your ass. I'm just afraid of how many other women's husbands have been in there, or I'd already be in your driveway.

Looks like I don't have the requirements to join. Thank fuck!!! I'd prefer to be a downright bitch than a false, two faced liar any day! So delusional!

He just may agree :)


Some truth to that


Some people! #@

Never ends