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Unique steampunk ear cuff by Meowchee (on Etsy). Price: $23 (this one reserved for another Etsy member)

No need to bring two pairs of riding glasses with you on your next road trip. These glasses feature lenses that change from light to dark when exposed to sunlight so you can keep riding all day and all night. | Harley-Davidson Ladyrider Day-Night Performance Glasses

Systems of Inequalities Math Lib Activity - Students graph and identify solutions to systems of linear inequalities.

Los Verbos theme Unit is a great way to learn verbs in Spanish! The 136 page download is full of learning! 6-45: These are large cards with pictures of infinitive (infinitivo) and gerund (gerundio)verbs (40 total). comer-comiendo beber-bebiendo leer-leyendo bailar-bailando pintar-pintando jugar-jugando dormir-durmiendo escribir-escribiendo correr-corriendo cantar-cantando pagar-pagando cocinar-cocinando estudiar-estudiando comprar-comprando ver-viendo nadar-nadando

D.I.Y. Little girl Halloween costumes. If i have a girl, i'm making these costumes.

RAINBOW WRITING! Your kindergarten students will learn their words by sight when they write in colors bright! They can use crayons, markers or colored pencils to rainbow write each word.