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Fractal patterns after this guy got struck by lightning showed up on his back. Trees also have this after being struck.

terror shoes

“Hunterian Museum : London, England The skull of a young boy with a second imperfect skull attached to its anterior fontanelle. Sent to John Hunter from Bengal, India in the late 1780s.”

Ornamented mummified hand of a Greek Orthodox saint

The anonymous "screaming" mummy, found in a sarcophagus devoid of all the symbolic "protections" used by the Egyptians to allow the passage of the deceased in the underworld. The face contorted in a grimace of agony and the contract abdomen suggest the action of a poison. Some believe it is the mummy of prince Pentewere, the son of Ramses III who conspired against his father. For sure, the mummification was carried out in a quick, almost with a vindictive desire