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Max Neiger and Other. Czech jewellery from 1920's - 1930's.

I love Czech jewellery and have always had it in the shop. I am trying to learn how to recognize a Neiger piece. If you need expert advice - look at the Neiger Club's board - where help is at hand! All the images I use are my own photographs.

Max Neiger brooch. Although this has not been verified, there are enough Neiger components for me to be sure it is. Notice the figure - exactly the same as one of my larger brooches. Interesting snake over the head. Don't think I have this on anything else. This brooch is only just over 2 inches. Photographed by Gillian Horsup.

A round Max Neiger brooch with two sets of wings. Photographed by Gillian Horsup.

Elaborate Max Neiger necklace with cord and tassel - and ladies! Photographed by Gillian Horsup

An unusual Czech necklace. Do not as yet know anything about it. Photographed by Gillian Horsup

Neiger Oriental style bracelet in coral coloured glass. Photographed by Gillian Horsup

Another wonderful Egyptian Revival brooch by Max Neiger! Photographed by Gillian Horsup. One cracked glass stones I'm afraid but still lovely!

Double crown necklace with blue glass beads to imitate lapis. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

  • Melissa J

    How can a person identify whether they have a piece or not? I have a very nice glass bead necklace that I took the info from the tag & put on google and came up with Max Neiger. I don't know for sure I have one or not though. Is there a way to know for certain?

  • Gillian Horsup

    Melissa - send me an e-mail (You can do this from my web site) and then I can answer you.

  • Joanna Gadzina.

    I'm afraid it's not Neiger Bros work. It looks as Hugo Dahm works (similar items with lapis glass you can find in Museum of Jewellery nad Glass, Jablonec nad Nisou).

Czech brooch with cabochon glass stones. Not yet known if it is early Neiger. Photographed by Gilian Horsup

Egyptian Revival earrings. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

Czech pendant necklace with peking glass and mauve glass. Possibly Neiger - but cannot verified at the moment. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

Max Neiger bracelet in the lapiz blue glass colour. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

This Czech. bracelet has unusual snake pattern glass stones like the snakes brooch. The Neiger Club has so far been unable to establish a link with Neiger. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

Pair of Max Neiger dress clips. Photographed by Gillian Horsup

Max Neiger Egyptian Revival necklace. Photography by Gillian Horsup.

Max Neiger brooch in the Oriental style - on green galalith. Photograph by Gillian Horsup.

Max Neiger bracelet in the Egyptian Revival style. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Oriental style brooch with large green glass stone. This could be Neiger but at the moment it can't be definitely verified. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Egyptian Revival brooch with unusual colour glass centrepiece. Not Max Neiger. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Max Neiger small Oriental style brooch. (The 4 glass stones should be a bit more orange!) Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Wonderful red glass stones in this brooch - but it is not Max Neiger! Photograph Gillian Horsup.

White glass beads Egyptian Revival necklace. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Blue glass Egyptian Revival pendant necklace. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Neiger bracelet in the Oriental style. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Neiger at his best! Egyptian Revival brooch 1923. Photograph Gillian Horsup.

Czech snakes brooch. The Neiger Club is currently researching this brooch to see if it could be a Neiger. Photograph Gillian Horsup.