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Red Heart® Boutique Sashay Team Spirit™ Ready Set Ruffles (Knit)


Boutique Sashay Team Spirit - The same Sashay you love in 2 color striping patterns perfect for supporting your favorite team!

Boutique Sashay Team Spirit

unwind a ball of sashay yarn, makes working with the Sashay a lot easier.

Frilly scarf crochet pattern from sashay yarn

Crocheting a scarf with sashay for the first time..Coming out good so far!

Loopy Hair Barrette: Abbreviations: mm = millimeters [ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified BARRETTE [Chain 12,slip st in first chain] 8 times. Fasten off. FINISHING Attach Barrette to back of Flower. Weave in ends.


Flower pins to wear on clothes, hats, purse. Crocheted using Sashay yarn.

These are some flowers I made by crocheting 2 rows of Sashay in the round. The blue one is a small flower attached to a hairpin. I found that if I folded the Sashay in half and picked up both layers of loops just below the fold I was able to easily make a mini flower. These flowers only took minutes to make!

The Yarn Art Cafe: Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn Demo

Crocheted Sashay Head Band Girls Baby toddler by NYLAKELLEYDESIGNS, $9.95

Crochet Ruffle Scarf - Sashay blue

Crochet Ruffle Scarf - Red Heart Sashay 'Malachite'

Boutique Sashay - I am making ruffle scarfs right now with both of these colors :)

This might help it from twisting so much while crocheting it.

How to crochet with Sashay and Starbella.

NEW Super Easy Cardigan - FREE Pattern - Daily Prize & More

Crocheted Sashay Ruffle Flower Head Band by NYLAKELLEYDESIGNS, $9.95

Crocheted Sashay Ruffle Scarf Pattern. This site has it for sale at 3.50 but you can find a pattern on the redheart website. I made 10-12 of these going 2 stitches wide instead of the 4 suggested by redheart pattern. The thickness of mine look like the one pictured here.

Check out popular crocheting patterns on Craftsy!

Single Ruffle Metallic Edge Scarf Crocheted Sashay by KismaeGrimes, $15.00

Crochet 12 Month old Sashay Yarn Top « The Yarn Box

Crochet 12 Month old Sashay Yarn Top - The Yarn Box

Sashay Crocheted Scarf by SassyCraftsCrochet on Etsy, $12.00

Frilly Crochet Scarf Crochet Pattern This yarn looks like a ribbon in the ball, but before you start to crochet you spread it out and use the edge with the larger holes like yarn. For a better look at how it’s done, see the video, “Crocheting with Sashay.”Redheart Free Pattern

Frilly Crochet Scarf Crochet Pattern | Red Heart

sashay crochet.....these work up nicely. Kinds addicting.

new and improved sashay scarf pattern

New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern

Sashay Crochet Ruffle Scarf