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Sloth & his stuffed giraffe.'

This is the happiest picture in the world of pictures. This picture could cure cancer. Sadness cancer.

Fennec foxes are cool. If I could have an exotic pet, it would be one of these guys.

Thoughts and prayers are with you my dear best friend as we mourn the passing of your sweet pomeranian Isabella on January 1, 2014. She was a precious little girl and will be missed by all of us that loved her. She brought joy, beauty, and pure love wherever she went. Sweet little angel.

What does the fox say? Ringdingdingdingdingding Wapapapapapapow Frakakakakakakow Hateehateehateeho Aoooooooooooooooo Woooooooooo

Sweet Bull Terrier and 3 fawns resting together. They're in an open crate so it's totally by choice that they're all together like this.

little foxes

Forget about the cute clownfish. The anemone is beautiful...

Great dane and fawn. OMG my heart melted. I cant wait to have a great dane like actually though