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Autumn Crafts For Your Toddler: Favorite Autumn crafts for kids that are sure to inspire you to create something special this season!

Adventures of an Art Teacher: 5th grade

Adventures of an Art Teacher: Sports Spheres

Have kids draw themselves on little circles on the first day. Copy them and cut them to paste around a new page. Use it for a newsletter template. What a fantastic Idea! That would look so great for class announcements etc.

Fun and silly attention grabbers with student responses

I Love 2 Teach: Back to School Success Kit

Another Earth Day upcycle!

Repiny - Most inspiring pictures and photos!

4th of July Flag Egg Carton paint by color kids craft - Fun & Simple 4th of July Kids Crafts

Two file cabinets back to back. Cover with fabric and makes a magnetic board. SMART!

Cupcakes & Argyle: 10 Pin Linkies

Cinnamon Stick Tree Christmas Ornaments | #DIY

Cinnamon Stick Tree Christmas Ornaments

Catching Snowflakes - Love this for a winter art project and story-starter

Artwork published by msallums1

2nd Gr. Monet Japanese Bridge. 3 day project. Water color wash w/ sea salt. 2) Sponge painting trees and lily pads. 3) oil pastel bridge and other details. Great!

DREAM DRAW CREATE: Monet inspired art work by Grade 2

Preschool assessment: numbers, colors, shapes, uppercase letters, lowercase letters

Father's Day Goodie Bags--How cute are these goodie bags?!

picasso face project for little ones

Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids - Sassy Dealz

Gummy bears and bread to demonstrate fossils. Layers of bread represent layers of Earth. Add pressure by placing books on top. Leave for 3 days. Make predictions before and after experiment. This would be a good science lesson to do before our trip to the Natural History museum to understand what fossils

sticky paper snow mural, or for just about anything the kids would enjoy. Could use leafs in the fall or different cuts of tissue paper.

Sassy Dealz: List of Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

groundhog day - shadow attached with brad

walking polar bear craft finished

Crocodile, Crocodile, Down by the lake, I'll reach in, to see what letter you ate. Kids reach in and choose a letter and name, but if they get a snap card they can draw again. 3 snap cards and the game is over.

Label the snowman cut and paste activity sheet. There are a lot of other really cute snowmen ideas at this site too!

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Easy Arctic Animals Walrus Craft (or a Seal)

"marshmallow points During the month of January the kiddos are trying to earn marshmallow points as a class. They earn points for making good choices, following the class rules, and going above and beyond. When the mug is full, they get a hot chocolate party.