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Science Rocks!

Mentoring Science Fair Students and Keep Your Sanity at the Same Time! A blog post with science fair mentoring tips: High School Science With Mrs. Lau

Bean mass, volume lab

Measure a Bean, Why?

Bouncy Ball Scientific Method Lab

Bouncy Ball Scientific Method Lab

Next Generation Science Standards Made Simple (and Manageable!)

Very funny FREE lab safety video from Flinn Scientific of what NOT to do. Who can find the most mistakes?

Laboratory Safety Challenge

Vanishing Styrofoam Cup at Steve Spangler Science. Put cup in pie tin full of acetone and it dissolves. Would be great for my solubility lesson for environmental science.

Steve Spangler Science

Awesome STEM activities: 10 Simple Challenges for Hands and Minds. Many can be tied into Journey or badge themes.

Circulatory System Lesson Any way to get students to understand something that is difficult to understand is always effective. 3365

Using it for good!

This is Charlotteā€¦

Macro bee portraits by Sam Droege. Used to distinguish and catalog the thousands of bee species in North America.

omg the end

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is solvedā€¦

Supporting women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

This story was incredible! The seal was like come on you slow seal, figure it out, eat something!

Got a science lover on your hands? Check out these hands-on experiments for kids

Mayim on why science is so cool.

FREEBIE: Spark Student Motivation: Student Created Lesson Plans-Let your students do the teaching! At the end of the year things can get a little crazy, but you can keep your students' attention with this free resource! Students will design their own lesson and teach the class!

Levels of classification - science helper guide designed for middle schoolers, but I'll use for my college level students!

Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English

Discover how and why the sky is blue with milk.

Great resource for science teachers! Sparticl is an essential online destination presenting the best the web has to offer in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), available for FREE and accessible via computers, tablets, and smartphones.

THIS GIRL loves SCIENCE tshirt geek nerd dork by foultshirts, $12.00

So I know my birthday is like 6 months away but I need this in my life so can I get it as a late xmas gift/early bday gift?

Earth Science Unit - lots of hands-on activities to teach how fold mountains are formed, plate movement and earthquakes, and the layers of Earth.