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Gerencia en Venezuela

buscamos motivar y desafiar al gerente venezolano al abrir un espacio para la actualización y discusión de aquellos temas que nos permiten asegurar nuestra búsqueda continua de la excelencia.

The pros of a tech-free vacation

How to Run a Productive Office

How to Run a Productive Office (Infographic)

5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style (Infographic)

5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style

Designing the Perfect Office [Infographic]

Designing the Perfect Office [Infographic]

8 libros de management para el verano

8 libros de Management para el verano

Everyone has that person in the office. You know, the one who always seems to get way more done than everybody else, but who never seems stressed or frantically trying to finish...

The Odd Work-Break Ratio That's Great for Productivity

8 Business Lessons From Game of Thrones #GoT #management

8 Business Lessons From <em>Game of Thrones</em>

Engagement: fidelizacion y motivacion en el trabajo

Happy Employees vs. Sad Employees #HR #Infographic

Keep Employees Happy

Employee engagement effects everyone in your workplace. How can employers make it better? We can come up with ways to help you engage with your employees through offering a great selection of employee benefits #hr #human resources

Infographic: The Story of Employee Engagement at Work

How Employment Branding Works [Infographic]

How Employment Branding Works [Infographic] | CAREEREALISM

Gerencia en Venezuela: No estas tan ocupado como crees - Quienes se instalan en la 'cultura del alto rendimiento aparente' venden una falsa actividad ineficaz sin valor.

High-Trust Culture #8: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

High-Trust Culture #7: Don't Fear Sacrifice

High-Trust Culture #6: Don't Keep People In The Dark

High-Trust Culture #6: Don’t Keep People In The Dark